Chapter Seven: Blessings

1It had been three months and twenty days since Guinevere had moved into the castle and tonight was the night she officially became queen. She had fought with Mimsy about having a large ceremony (which Guinevere did not want.) and in the end they compromised: A small ceremony, as long as Mimsy picked out Guinevere’s dress, hair style, and make up.
At first Guinevere was wary about the idea of Mimsy choosing her coronation outfit, but after putting it on Guinevere felt like a Goddess.
“Did I do good or what?” Mimsy looked to Yuki with a satisfied smirk.
“She does look absolutely beautiful, with a dash of deadly.” Yuki reached toward Guinevere to fix a gem that had twisted in the headdress. “Are the shoes comfortable Your Majesty?” Guinevere dropped her arms to her side with a relieved sigh. At least someone is thinking practically.
“Not really. But I’ll endure for auntie’s sake. Wouldn’t want to ruin her outfit with shoes that don’t match. Plus, the only time I’ll really be standing is at the after party. I’ll just take my shoes off before that, not like they’ll question their queen.” Guinevere smiled a mischievously menacing smile. Mimsy pulled the sleeve of her dress up to look at the golden watch on her wrist.
“Oh! We need to go. Yuki, while we’re gone…please set up for the party. I left the guest list along with a to-do list on the bar in the Yellow Room.”
“Yes ma’am.” Yuki looked at Guinevere. “Go slay them Your Majesty. I’ll have a bath ready for you after the party.” Yuki curtsied and left the two vampires.
“Let’s go.” Mimsy turned into a bat and flew out of the room, Guinevere turned into a black mist and left for the cave.

2The coronation went flawlessly, only the vampires that resided in Forgotten Hollow attended – Diego Lobo was the exception. It was recorded to be distributed later to the masses registered with the League. Once it was over Guinevere headed to the castle, followed by a majority of the coronation crowd for the after party.
Lilith, Caleb’s sister, was the first to approach Guinevere. “You look absolutely nothing like Caleb described.” Guinevere raised an eyebrow. She always wondered what people said about her.
“Oh? Do go on. What has your brother said?”
“He said you were like an angry kitten. So naturally I pictured an adorable short woman…and for some reason, I pictured black hair. Imagine my surprise I saw you were a beautiful, average height, ginger.” Guinevere laughed. Caleb actually called me an angry kitten?That’s a first.
“I don’t know whether I should be insulted or complimented…an angry kitten? Angry yes…but kitten?” Guinevere did admit, she was a hot-head. It was something she needed to work on.
“Unless…he meant like a, uhm, please don’t take offense, but a-” Lilith was looking at the plasma jane, and stirred it. “Unless he was basically saying you were extremely attractive and uhm, sexy?” OH! Oh. Oh?

3Guinevere looked at Caleb – who was talking to Bernard and Van Gould – with a look of curiosity. “I could ask him about you, like what he really thinks of you.” Guinevere was tempted to take Lilith’s offer. She was still expected to marry. Caleb wouldn’t be a bad choice. We have common beliefs, he’s very pleasing to look at, and he doesn’t seem crooked. He doesn’t have a dubious past, but he’s still learning about vampire society…which is really the only con.
“Alright, I’ll take you up on your offer. Just between us, your brother is the only eligible bachelor in the Hollow. I refuse to marry Van Gould.” Lilith nodded.
“There’s something off about Ol’ Van Gould. He reminds me of various villains from movies, maybe it’s his appearance but he just leaves me feeling bad after every conversation.” It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that feels that way.

4Wogan was late to the party. “I apologize Your Majesty. I had to ensure Morrigan got home safely. I really should be home with her, but she insisted I be here.” Guinevere nodded, she knew Morrigan was close to her due date and didn’t expect Wogan to show up.
“You should be home with your wife, but I’m glad you could make it. When you leave, talk to that girl there-” Guinevere pointed to Yuki, who was conversing with Diego. “-And tell her I want twenty of the freshest plasma fruit sent to your home as a gift to your wife.” Wogan was taken aback, but smiled a wide fang-y smile. He dipped in a quick bow.
“Thank you. She’s been very thirsty lately. I’m sure she’ll appreciate the gift.” He stood straight. “I’m going to go and talk to her now, thank you again. Excuse me.” As soon as Wogan left, Lilith leaned in.
“I’ve been watching Van Gould, he keeps looking over here. I think he wants your attention.” Guinevere began to watch him too, and sure enough he had been trying to get her attention. He nodded to the hall through the arch way to the Blue Room.
“Excuse me Lilith, I think he wants to talk.” Here we go…I knew this was going too well.

5“You look lovely Your Majesty.” Warning bells were going off in her head. He either wants something, or something is going on. “I guess it’s official now, so no use in fighting anymore. I would like to offer an olive branch in hopes of starting fresh.” The bells grew louder, it was almost deafening.
“Go on, Lord Van Gould.” Despite the warnings, she was interested in hearing him out. I would be a terrible monarch if I didn’t at least try and listen to even the lowliest of my subjects.
“This has been something the League and I have been working on behind your back, scandalous, I know. But I assure you, it’s all innocent and I’m positive you’ll be pleased…as it aligns with your human-loving nature.” Red flags were now being raised fully, the bells were multiplied. Is this…is this the twilight zone or did he get abducted and replaced?
“The anticipation is killing me.” At this point, Guinevere was trying very hard to hide the caution she felt.
“Caleb has friends in San Myshuno…higher up politician types, as well as lowly reporters. He told them about you and your desires to create a friendship between Humans and Vampires. During the last week and a half, they have been working together to ensure a safe coming out for us. You, being queen and grand master, are expected to give a speech next week about how friendly the majority of us are and that you don’t condone any vampire violence.”

6Guinevere wanted to be happy with this news, but she couldn’t allow herself to show it; she was too suspicious of anything Ayden Van Gould.
“What’s the catch? Sorry, this seems just too good to be true.” It hurt her to be suspicious of such a joyous thing, but the warnings in her head wouldn’t allow her to be anything but.
“No catch. Think of this as a coronation gift from the League. You can jump for joy now, Your Majesty, since I know you want to.” Guinevere could hear the venom dripping from his words, she knew he was mocking her. I’ve known him for his entire life…if he thinks he can hide his cruelty from me, he’s wrong.
“I would love to, but I’ve known you for centuries…you don’t do anything nice unless it benefits you.”
“I’m just the messenger. It was mostly all Caleb’s doing. He and your uncle wanted me to deliver the news in hopes of creating peace between you and I.” Like that’ll ever happen.
“That doesn’t explain why you didn’t fight against it, or try to stop them.” Van Gould smirked. Oh how I hate that smirk. If I wasn’t the queen, I would rip the smirk right off of his smug little rat face.
“Ah, but I did. But three against one, and your majesty wanted something like this to happen…so of course I was heavily out numbered. At least if this goes wrong, which I have no doubt it will, I can be the one to say ‘I told you so’ – I guess that’s the only benefit I would get from this.” He took his top hat off and held to his chest before deeply bowing. He stood and placed his hat back onto his head. “I’ve delivered the news, now it’s up to you to be excited or not. I’ll take my leave now.”

7Guinevere decided she would be happy about this blessing. I refuse to allow Van Gould to ruin this opportunity for our people. As soon as she reentered the Blue Room, she was requested by Diego to play the organ. So she sat at the bench and ran her fingers over the keys to ensure it was still in tune.
She started with a few pieces written by her father, and moved onto other obscure pieces. She felt at peace and free. She felt accepted, hopeful, and most of all she felt the stagnation of her people fading. I wish my parents were here for this, so I could get their blessing and know everything I’m doing is worth it.


4 comments on “Chapter Seven: Blessings

  1. cshaner says:

    I, like Guinevere, am so torn on whether to be excited or nervous by this news.

    I also loved her look and I wondered where an appropriate place to wear those buns was and a coronation was the perfect event!!!

    I also enjoyed the subtle thoughts moving in Calebs direction. Very good chapter cannot wait to see what happens with the announcement!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. wagonfruit says:

    I feel like it’s a trap somehow!
    Maybe I’m just paranoid and need to stop believing everything the fairies say…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What is up his sleeve? I feel like it’s a trap. I like Caleb… I wonder if things will work out with them. And I liked the ghostly presence behind Guinevere if I’m picturing things correctly.


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