Chapter Eighteen: 3100

Warning: Brief Nudity (Just a barely-there nip-slip in the bath)

Guinevere’s birthday had arrived! She had taken today off, but still had a full day planned: The afternoon with Caleb, and the evening with Gunther. Caleb thought a day at the spa would be the perfect present for Guinevere, and he was right.
“I’ve been dying for a massage. Diego used to give me a shiatsu every week, and he’d make me do yoga to stay relaxed. I haven’t done yoga since I moved into the castle, and Sam…he’s amazing, but he’s not very good at massages.” Guinevere rambled after being greeted by Caleb with a hug.
“This is my favorite spa. My bones always feel refreshed after a visit. I think it’s the rose infused spring water.” He shrugged and grabbed Guinevere’s hand. He led her to the lockers along the wall. “There’s no changing rooms, so I’ll protect you from wandering eyes whilst you change.” Does he think I’m a prude or something? Her eyes narrowed as she stripped her clothes and wrapped a towel around her petite frame. Her eyes dared Caleb to say something…to challenge her. “Or not.” He muttered as he followed suit — Guinevere avoided looking at him while he changed.
“So where to now?” Caleb extended his arm and pointed at an archway behind her.
“Massage tables are through there. I usually go there first, then the sauna. After the sauna I take a oil infused bath then soak in the pool.” Everything sounded so relaxing to Guinevere. I need to bring Mimsy here after the baby is born.

The first stop was a massage tables. Guinevere received a shiatsu (her request) and it was, in her opinion, the best shiatsu she had ever received. The best, or maybe it had been so long since my last massage that I really needed this. Guinevere felt incredibly relaxed: her body felt like dough, in a good way.
After the body massages, the couple retreated to the massage chairs for foot and hand massages. “You should hire a masseuse for the castle. I can tell you’re already feeling more relaxed.” It was a great idea, Guinevere nodded in agreement.
“Or have Sam or Yuki take masseuse classes. I’m sure they would enjoy that.” Her eyes closed, she let her mind wander. Long auburn hair, broad shoulders, shirtless…rubbing large strong hands over her body. Her eyes fluttered open. What the fuck Gwen?! Stop fantasizing about him…especially when his best friend is right here. She looked over at Caleb, he was looking at her with a raised eyebrow. “Are you okay? You look a little flustered.”
“I’m fine. I’ve been plagued by daymares.” Not really, they’re very pleasant for daymares if I have to be honest with myself.
“Oh? Do tell. Would these daymares have to do with a certain friend of mine? You know, the one with very long hair of a certain shade of red? The one that has a fascination with you?” Okay, now I’m certain he can read minds. “It’s okay Gwen, sometimes I fantasize about him too. He’s dreamy.” Caleb left it at that and remained silent for the remainder of the massage. That…jerk! Drops a bombshell like that and gives no other details? At least now I can stop fantasizing about him and just be plagued with unanswered questions.

The sauna was the next stop on the agenda. Caleb sat and hummed along to the baroque music that echoed in the sauna room. Guinevere was uncomfortable at first, she was not used to heat.
“This is something else you should add to the castle.” He joked, but it was something Guinevere could see herself adding in the future.
“It’s a weird feeling. I’m freezing, but also burning up.”
“Your core temperature is shocked by the external temperature. It’ll take time to adjust…if you plan on bringing Mimsy after the baby is born, you should skip the sauna.” Guinevere agreed, it might shock Mimsy’s whole system. It took three and a half minutes for her temperature to regulate. It still felt odd, like a battle of ice and fire and her body was the battleground.

Even though she doesn’t sweat like humans, she wanted to take a bath to “wash” the sauna’s heat from her skin. The applied a spa mud mask, turned the faucet on and dumped the bowl of rose petals into the rose scented water. She slid into the tub and sunk in. I could do this all day. Her head lay back, against the silk pillow bolted to the wall. I see why he loves this place. I feel like an actual queen, instead of a ball of stress. She watched the ocean, inhaled and exhaled with the waves. She drifted in and out of sleep. I wonder if this is what a vacation is like. Maybe I should book a vacation. She heard a knock on the door followed by Caleb’s voice.
“Are you okay in there?”
“Yeah. Let me wash off this mask and I’ll be right out.” She dipped under the water, rose petals clung to her hair. Her hands gently rubbed the green mask off of her face. Once she was sure it was off, she got out of the bath and dried off and dressed in her clothes, since they had both agreed to forgo the pool — They both forgot their swimsuits and didn’t want to skinny dip.

As soon as she left the room, she felt Caleb’s hand grab hers. He pulled her to him with little force and pressed his lips to her ear. “I forgot to say ‘Happy Birthday’.” His voice sent shivers down her spine. “So happy birthday, Guinevere.” He pulled away for a moment, only to rest his hand on the small of her back and pull her closer. His lips met hers and they remained that way for what felt like a lifetime. Guinevere pulled away, dazed. He’s a great kisser. I never would’ve guessed. “Now go have fun with Gunther, just not too much fun. And remember that kiss when you start to fantasize about him.” He winked and turned into a bat then left. That…jerk.


9 comments on “Chapter Eighteen: 3100

  1. LadyLobster says:

    Is Gunther going to make her birthday even happier…? >:)

    I still kind of ship her with Caleb, aaaa. Or maybe a Caleb-Gunther sandwich, ahahaha. Caleb does enjoy fantasizing about Gunther too, after all~

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  2. cshaner says:

    Mmmmm I read the karaoke chapter first for some reason.

    Gotta agree with the Caleb Gunther sandwich it sounds super yummy!!

    This whole chapter was delicious from the massage and fantasies to the kiss at the end!

    Well done you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Holy cow! Mind reading… you little skunk, Caleb. And fantasizing about his friend? No more details? And that kiss at the end… hmm… I still don’t know what to think. Gah!


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