Chapter Twenty-One: The Truth

Guinevere had had her week of avoiding the shop, but now it was time for her to go and find the truth. She went in when the shop was closed, and ensured to lock the doors and windows so she wouldn’t be interrupted. She piled everything onto the table, moved the cauldron and pulled the chair away from the computer. She sat and pulled the large box closer to her, inside the box was papers with the inventory back when Morgan owned it. There’s a lot of harmful ingredients here… Carefully, she read each item and committed the list to memory. She moved onto the list of frequent customers…only two names stuck out: Grim Reaper, and Ayden Van Gould. Guinevere stood and grabbed the lock box and sat down with it on her lap. Her determination was causing her to become careless: with her vampiric strength, she ripped the top off and looked through the receipts. What was Van Gould buying?

An hour of studying the receipts yielded no results. Why was he visiting without buying anything? Something doesn’t add up. She cross referenced the days he visited with the inventory of that day and the receipts of what was purchased. Her eyes widened the further she read. The same ingredients were never bought, but always missing at the end of the day. She tried to poison my grandfather with those ingredients. Is it possible she and Van Gould were conspiring? I don’t even know what those ingredients do. Guinevere knew these were the answers Death mentioned, and she could piece it together but she felt like there was something missing. Warily, she looked to the sealed letters. I’m not a witch, but I do have her blood in my veins. I think I can sacrifice a little of my own to try and open these. Not like I need it for turning anyone right now.

She stood once more and reached into the cauldron for athame she used for brewing. She grabbed a shallow bowl and a towel from the bar drawer and sat back down. She reached for the letters and lay them in a row in front of her. There’s only seven, all I need is a little to rub on the seal to break it. Guinevere draped the towel over her lap and set the bowl in front of her. With the blade in hand, she held her wrist over the bowl and quickly sliced one of three veins that would bleed. Quickly, she set the blade down and pushed the syrupy plasma from the wound and into the bowl. The wound healed quickly as she unsealed the letters. The first letter Guinevere read was enough:

My dearest Morgan,
The experiment was a success! That concoction was exactly what we wanted, no one will suspect a thing. Now that I have done thy bidding, how shall I be rewarded? I can think of delightful things, but I shan’t write them lest the letter be found.
My brother is a fool for letting you out of his sights, and I cannot wait til he has a taste of his special medicine. Next time we meet, I would like to know when you plan on starting his treatment so I can watch for the symptoms.
Yours always,
A. Van Gould.

“He…helped try to poison my grandfather, he and Morgan were lovers. It all makes sense now.” She whispered to herself and thought about what this all meant. He’s angry because he lost the love of his life. If she had to be honest with herself, she felt a small bit of pity for him. But that pity was quickly dissolved into disgust, then into pure blinding anger. The anger she had locked away had come bubbling back with a vengeance. A shrill, eardrum-breaking and glass-shattering scream pierced the air. I knew it was him all along. I. Will. End. Him. The anger quickly ebbed into sobs. Now that she had the truth she could arrest him. But it would only be for conspiracy to commit the regicide of his brother. I need proof of what he did to my mother, my brother…my father. Guinevere may have had the truth, but she was back to square one.

She wiped her tears and tucked the rest of the letters into her bra to read at a later time. During her period of sobbing, something occurred to her that she had never once thought about. She pulled her phone from her pocket and dialed Gunther’s business number.
“This is a surprise.” He sounds cheery.
“I’m calling for business, not pleasure. I n-need to make a will.” Nausea and nerves set her on the edge of her seat.
“Did something happen?” His tone changed dramatically from elated to low and concerned.
“I found some proof of something, and I’m afraid of it happening to me. I don’t want to talk about it over the phone, who knows if this place is bugged or not.” Guinevere tried to keep her voice steady.
“Come over as soon as you can, bring the proof and we’ll get a will set up.” Relief washed over her. She looked down at her skirt and cursed.
“I’ll be over as soon as I change. I got blood on my skirt…useless towel.”
“I’m not even going to ask. Go change and come right over. And Gwen? Please be safe.”
“I’ll try. See you in a bit.” Guinevere hung up and gathered the rest of the proof. She placed it in the broken lock box and warped the metal with her hands to seal it back up. I hope Mimsy will forgive me for what I’m going to do…


7 comments on “Chapter Twenty-One: The Truth

  1. cshaner says:

    Oh wow!!! Van Gould lovers with Morgan!!!

    So excited to see what happens next and isn’t Mimsy married to Bernard? What would she need to forgive? Hmmmm. Very intriguing!!

    Cannot wait for the next chapters!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. LadyLobster says:

    Wow, what a note to end on! I’m worried for Gwen’s safety…and now for Gunther’s too, just for helping her. I never trusted Van Gould! (Okay, but who did? 😉 ) I’m so glad Gwen didn’t agree to marry him!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I knew it! I seriously suspected back with the opening of the shop but I thought the possibility was remote. But it makes sense. I hope Gwen is ok and safe. This is scary.


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