Chapter Twenty-Four: Kept Promises

Full renovations in the castle started today. Guinevere, Samuel, and Yuki were going to begin in the Pit…namely the cells.
“So! Here’s the plan, we’re going to turn four cells into two suites. We’ll start by taking the bars out of cells A and D. Then move onto taking out the walls between A and B, and C and D. Place walls where the blueprints specify, and add the furniture. It should be easy. I already had a plumber come out and move the plumbing out of the way and add the proper attachments to move them into the new bathrooms.” Guinevere felt energized…pumped even. “Any questions before we begin?” Yuki raised her hand briefly before speaking.
“Are we going to have radiators? I get a little chilly at night because of how drafty it is down here.” The vampire’s eyes widened, she hadn’t thought about radiators or heat for them for that matter.
“Thank you for bringing that up, I didn’t see it on the list so I didn’t think of it.” Guinevere bowed her head in shame. “Forgive me Yuki. I’ll be sure to have some installed sometime this week.” Guinevere pulled her phone from her sweatshirt pocket and opened a notebook app. Quickly, she typed a note to call about radiators. “Am I correct to assume you want them with your bed and not in with the television?” She looked up from her phone to the two humans in front of her.
“Yes. At least I want it in with my bed. What about you Sammy?” Yuki looked to the older human.
“Yeah, I guess it would be nice on the colder nights.” Guinevere nodded and added that detail to the app before locking her phone and sliding it back into her pocket.
“Alright, let’s start.” The humans had already turned to leave. “Oh hey! I should get the tools for you two, since I can just use my fists. Be right back!” And so Guinevere ran to the human supply room.

The trio worked tirelessly to rearrange the layout of the cells. Guinevere ended up toppling the heavy stone walls with her bare fists since the human power-tools weren’t working like she had hoped. Once the walls were down, sheetrock went up to section off the new rooms. They saved the old stone to use as a facade to keep the aesthetic of the Pit, but she promised that if they absolutely hated in in the future she would tear it off and they could just paint the walls whatever they wished. Both humans disagreed with that promise, saying they liked the stone because it was history and a part of the castle.
“I want to make the both of you happy, and to make you feel like you’re a part of the this very dysfunctional family.” Was what Guinevere told them. They continued to place the new walls in verbal silence to finish before night fell. The only sounds that could be heard were the sounds of tools being used on various surfaces, the faint idle bubbling of the bubble hookahs, and the occasional curse word when someone hit themselves with the tools.

They had finished just after dusk. While the humans ate, Guinevere had moved the furniture into the rooms by herself since she had sensed their exhaustion. She was finishing up Yuki’s room when she came in. “So? What d’you think?” Guinevere stood in the middle of the living space with her arms behind her back.
“I love it! There’s color, there’s privacy.” Yuki’s eyes spotted the television, “A better tv.” She looked around with a large and genuine smile. “There’s even a bigger bookshelf. The only thing I would love to see down here is a computer…but I image the wifi would be absolute crap.” Guinevere nodded.
“Yeah, it is.” She pulled her phone from her pocket to show Yuki the nonexistent wifi bar at the top of her screen.
“Yikes!” Guinevere nodded as she put the phone away. “I’m so tired, I think I’m going to christen the tub with a bubble bath then go to sleep. Goodnight Your Majesty, and thank you for doing this.” She curtsied and left through the door to her private rooms. Guinevere left and went down the hall a few steps to Samuel’s room.

She knocked lightly (for her) on the door and waited for Samuel to let her in. Samuel appeared at the door and Guinevere could hear the locks clicking. After a few seconds, the heavy oak door swung open and she stepped in.
“You caught me right before I was heading to test the new tub and shower combo.” Guinevere had to laugh.
“That’s what Yuki’s doing right now.” The laughter faded. “I just wanted to check on you, to see how you like the room…to see if I fulfilled and kept my promise.” Her voice was soft. I want to ensure they’re comfortable before…if anything happens to me. Samuel looked around with a blank face and it worried Guinevere that she couldn’t read it. Finally, his expression lit up and she felt relief.
“I think it’s safe to say you have. It feels like home.”
“I’m glad.” Guinevere looked around at their handiwork. It could be better, but at least they say they’re happy. “I’m going to leave you to your bath and shower combo. Goodnight Samuel.” They exchanged kind smiles before she left in a poof of black mist.

In her room, Guinevere lay in the darkness, minus one lit candle. Her mind plagued her with toxic thoughts, keeping her awake. She thought of everything that had happened since becoming queen. She analyzed every conversation, and replayed every action…anything for something that proved his guilt. Fate was already interfered with. You were never supposed to be queen…your family was never supposed to die. A voice of long ago echoed, no longer distorted and shrouded in a fog. She sat up, remembering absolutely everything from that day in the glade. The fairies! Maybe they’re the proof I need. But then she recalled that they said they wouldn’t interfere because they interfered enough by bringing her there that day. This is hopeless. How did Van Gould change fate in the first place? She reached up and rubbed her temples. The more I learn, the more confusing this whole thing gets. Right now all I have are completed sections of an even bigger puzzle…all I need is that one piece for it all to become clear. Guinevere looked at the rose at the foot of her bed. She watched the dying flame’s light dance along the velvet red petals as she lay her head back down on the pillow. Her eyes closed and she drifted to sleep, her last conscious thought was of Gunther.


8 comments on “Chapter Twenty-Four: Kept Promises

  1. LadyLobster says:

    I really, REALLY like the idea of seeing Gwen punching through walls. Ahahahaha.

    And awww, thinking about Gunther right before she falls asleep. ❤ Too cute.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. cshaner says:

    I often forget that a 3000+ year old vampire would probably have plenty of know how and completely have learned at some point about things like structure and renovation etc. Loved this!

    Also – as LL said, I loved the display of strength of Gwen being able to punch through her walls and move boulders and stone.

    So glad the humans are comfortable…I hate that Gwen has to feel this incredible urgency though because who knows when Van Gould may strike.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gwen punching walls is a happy image. I’m glad she’s making things better for the humans. She strikes me as lonely though and I only wish she had someone to trust and protect her and comfort her while she sleeps…


  4. Oops… posted before done. *cough cough* Gunther. Lol. Every time you mention Fate, I think of RipuAncestor’s Fate in the Chrysanthemum Tango… lol… And I can totally imagine her interfering. Though I really do wonder how Van Gould managed to change Fate.


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