Chapter Twenty-Seven: Advice

The first place Guinevere went after her evening and early morning with Gunther, was to see Samuel. She appeared like a bat out of Hell, literally. “Your nephew is driving me crazy.” Was the first thing out of her mouth. Samuel looked from his television with a curious expression on his face.
“Oh? So that’s where you’ve been?” Guinevere sighed with a nod.
“I love him…like really love him.” He didn’t seem surprised, which was surprising to Guinevere. “You knew?”
“It’s hard to miss…you light up when you talk about him, which is all the time. I’m not complaining, I get to hear about my nephew. Because of you, I feel like I know him.” Guinevere cried out in despair, her mind was bombarded with millions of thoughts all at once.
“I’m losing it Sam. I didn’t think I could ever regret it, but now I do. He’s getting married whenever she can decide on a date, and I don’t know what I’m going to do. This is so stupid!” The need to hurt something, anything, was rising. I need to put a gym somewhere in the castle. Tears from frustration, sadness, and anger spilled with a wail. Sam stood and offered her a shoulder to cry on, which she happily accepted.

He gave her comfortable pats and soothing ‘shhh’s’ and did so until she calmed down. “Are you going to be alright, Your Majesty? Would you like me to draw a warm bath for you and gather plasma fruit?” Guinevere shook her head and looked at him. She wiped her tears, smearing red on her forearm.
“No. I just need someone to talk to.” I really need to look into getting a therapist that accepts vampires. Though…I’d probably scare away most of them with how messed up my life is.
“You can talk to me.” She was unsure, not because she didn’t trust him because she did, but because he knew her.
“I could, but you’d have to pretend to be a therapist…an outsider.” With a nod, Samuel agreed and held his hand up like he was swearing an oath.
“I swear that I will remain a neutral party. I will listen and offer advice when needed.” He put his hand down and nodded toward to the door. “Let’s go out to the table so you can talk in privacy.” Guinevere nodded and together they left the room.

Before Guinevere sat at the table, she washed the dried tears from her forearm and face. As soon as she did sit, Samuel leaned back.
“Well Miss Straud, start from the beginning.” Guinevere bit her lip and nodded. I don’t even quite know where to begin. The glade? No. Well…maybe. I did feel something then.
“It was about a year ago? Actually, maybe closer to two years ago. It was around the time they wanted to pawn me off to Van Gould.” Samuel nodded. “Anyway, fairies summoned me to their glade. That’s when I first met Gunther…and I felt something back then. I thought it was lust at the time, but now I think it was something deeper than that and something I can’t quite explain.”
“Did it feel like your soul was ripping from your body?” Guinevere sat in silence and tried to recall the feeling, but she wasn’t sure.
“I really don’t remember. After the winged freaks kicked me out, they fogged my memory. I didn’t see him again until the speech, he took me out to lunch where I may, or may not have, told him of the existence of his long-lost uncle.” She paused to see is Samuel would react to that news. She saw the side of his mouth and an eye twitch, but nothing more. “I didn’t want to lie to him. I wanted an honest relationship with him. Talking to him was, and still is, so easy. I feel at peace when he’s around and above all, I feel whole.” She laughed softly and shook her head. “I fell in love long before I admitted it to myself, and I didn’t plan on it…the only time I’ve ever loved someone, they’re promised to another. It feels like my whole existence is a cruel joke and just entertainment for the Watcher.”
“I’m sure it’s not either of those things. Now, I know this would piss off my brother, but have you asked him about leaving?” Guinevere nodded, desperation had set in, Guinevere’s mind was racing.
“He won’t. We talked about it, but he’s been raised since birth to take over. I mean come on! This is 2002! Things like this doesn’t happen with ‘normal’ people…right?” Her hand gestures as she spoke made Samuel lean back so he would be safe from her motions.
“Gwen…have you actually asked him to leave?” Guinevere’s eyes widened. Why didn’t I think of that? “Maybe if you actually asked him to leave, he would…as long as there was a plan in place.”

“That’s a wonderful idea!” Her sudden outburst startled him, causing Samuel to jump in his seat.
“So how do you feel now?” He asked once his heart calmed down.
“I feel a little better. At least now I have an idea of where to go from here. Ya know…if Gunther and I marry, I’ll have no choice but to free you. It would be awkward to have my uncle-in-law as my plasma source.” She laughed but it quickly faded when saw the serious expression on his face.
“There’s something I need to talk to you about…regarding Yuki.” Anxiety had skyrocketed, and now Guinevere was sitting with baited breath. “She’s been acting off recently, like…anxious and it reminds of an addict going through withdrawals. I had been wanting to talk to you about this for a while, but I wanted more proof…of something.” This news was something that Guinevere had never anticipated. I guess I need to talk to her.
“Thank you Sam. I’ll go speak with her about her odd behavior right now.” She stood from the table, grim-faced and trying to prepare her for any scenario. “I think Yuki would appreciate if you stayed in here, for privacy.” Samuel nodded and remained seated as she left down the hall to Yuki’s suite.


6 comments on “Chapter Twenty-Seven: Advice

  1. Lee says:

    OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN. YUKI WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO?! Also, Sam’s kinda cute :^)
    Best way to deal with fairies? Go to The Glade, gather ’em up in a jar. Fart in said jar. Seal the jar. Shake the jar. Repeat for any and all lingering fairies in the vicinity 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LadyLobster says:

    *chants* Leave! Leave! Leave!

    And I’m so curious as to what’s up with Yuki…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. cshaner says:

    I’m betting still that it’s not intentional on Yukis part. I’m betting whatever she’s going through it was either given to her or used as a source of relief from her anxiety.

    As for Guntheviere, I still don’t believe he will actually leave his family obligations. Possible and I highly approve but what does Guinevere do then? Abdicate her reign to Mimsy? Hmmm

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yuki… What’s going on with her? Samuel offering to talk was sweet.


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