Chapter Twenty-Eight: Yuki

Guinevere pushed open the door after gently knocking. Yuki curtsied and bowed her head, she must know why I’m here.
“Yuki,” She began with a comforting but commanding voice. “I’ve noticed you’ve been acting a little strange. Is everything alright?” No use in snitching on Sam, I just hope she opens up and accepts help with whatever ails her. The young human looked away; guilt and sorrow etched in her body language and on her face.
“No.” Yuki took a deep breath and exhaled shakily. “I need to tell you something, Your Majesty. I’m terrified to tell you, because I don’t know what will happen to me if I do.” This gravely concerned Guinevere, after all this time, she still fears me?
“I won’t harm you Yuki. I promise.”
“I’m not worried about you…I’m worried about him” The sentence ended in a terrified whisper and it sent chills up Guinevere’s spine.
“I’m listening.” Caution and concern was all Guinevere felt.

She began her tale from the moment she was brought to the castle.
“Your father was a kind and gentle man and he cared for me like I was his own. Sometimes when he was really excited about something, he would slip up and call me Gwenny by accident…I never said anything, because I was just a child. He hired tutors for my education, and as I grew older he started to teach me about vampires. He had plans to turn me once I turned eighteen, he told me that he needed a spare. But that all changed after the next league meeting. Next thing I knew, I was down here with Sam and loosing blocks of my evenings whenever the League would visit.
Eventually, I started to remember: Van Gould, I think that’s his name anyway, he would visit me, give me a vial of this foul tasting whatever, telling me it would strengthen my immune system and give my plasma a better taste. Of course, I was naive. After I started drink it your father became sick.” The final piece of the puzzle brought the whole picture together. That…snake! Guinevere stood, shaken and vibrating with anger. Yuki backed away, but Guinevere raised a hand in protest.
“Continue, I want to hear the rest.”

“I stopped taking it once he did get sick, but Van Gould would command me to take it. In the end I killed Vlad!” Yuki wailed. “I would force myself to vomit after he left, but he must have added something to make me addicted to it so I would want to take it and he wouldn’t have to wait around while he commanded me.
Luckily, I stopped losing my memory because he stopped commanding me but I had to live with the fact that I had killed the man that raised me, and that I could potentially kill someone else.”
“That’s why you avoided being fed on.” Guinevere remained calm, not for herself but for Yuki. Poor girl has been through so much.
“Except that one time. And you were sick after just one dose. He has no idea I stopped taking it, I flush it when I know he’s gone. I’ve wanted to tell you, but I’m scared of what he’ll do to me.” The very thought of Van Gould doing all of this to Yuki made Guinevere feel ill. It made her feel a red hot anger that could rival the Sun’s heat. I have my proof. I just need Yuki to testify before the League and he’s done. This whole thing will be done.
“He won’t touch you. In fact, he’s never going to see you again…or anyone else.” Yuki started to sob, causing Guinevere to hug her. The vampire stroked the top of Yuki’s head and let the girl cry on her. She wasn’t sure how long they remained there, but once Yuki was finished she dried her face with her robe and looked to Guinevere with relief on her face.

“I’m going to gather the League in a few hours, without Van Gould. I need you to come down to the Pit with me and tell them what you told me.” Yuki nodded, eyes wide.
“Are you sure they’ll believe me?” Guinevere smirked and pulled out her phone. She dialed Gunther’s personal number and waited for him to pick up.
“Hey Gwen, I figured you’d be asleep?” His voice sounded groggy, like he had just woken up or hadn’t quite gone to sleep yet.
“Nope. Can you do me a favor and scan the contents of the lockbox and send me the scans via email? I need them in a couple hours.”
“If I manage to get it open again, yeah.” He cleared his throat followed by a sound Guinevere assumed was a drawer being opened and closed. “So…Is everything okay?” She heard the metal of the lockbox hit a hard stone surface with a soft metallic thud.
“Yeah. Everything is perfect. I need to go though, if you don’t manage to get the box open…it’s fine. I’m sure I have what I need here.”
“Alright. After you’re done with whatever you’re doing, we need to talk…” Guinevere agreed, they did need to talk. “Anyway, I, uh. I love you, Guinevere. Stay safe.” Her heart fluttered with those four words. She wasn’t sure if she should say it in front of Yuki. To Hell with it…
“I love you too.” The look on Yuki’s face was priceless: Her eyes were large, her eyebrows raised clear up her forehead, and her mouth slightly ajar. Guinevere hung up and laughed.
“I’ll tell you about it after we deal with Van Gould.” Yuki closed her mouth and nodded. “Take a shower and get dress, I’ll come get you after everyone is gathered.” The human nodded and Guinevere continued. “Just relax, and remember to breathe. No one is going to hurt you, and no one will question you. If they do, they have to deal with me.” Guinevere smiled before leaving so they could do what needed to be done. I need to think of a fitting punishment. Death is too good for him.


9 comments on “Chapter Twenty-Eight: Yuki

  1. LadyLobster says:

    VAN GOULD YOU SNAKE! And snake is right, with the poison and all. 😦 Poor Yuki–and Gwen, and her family. I’m surprised that Yuki was intended to be turned! I hope Gwen and Gunther are able to put a stop to his plans without anything bad happening to them…

    Liked by 2 people

  2. cshaner says:

    I knew Yuki wasn’t directly to blame!!! I said it from the start it was possible she was being used to poison the family!

    I’m so incredibly sad though that she became addicted to the poison and I’m so proud of her telling Guinevere!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • It took all my willpower to not tell you that you were right lol.
      I have no doubt that she’ll overcome it with the support of her friends and loved ones, and telling Gwen was the first step of getting the help and support she needs. But first! They need to take care of that snake.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. pammiechick says:

    I have some ideas straight from the Amazon. The Pillar of Death is what we do to evil slaves who try to kill their queens. A slow, dishonorable death…they pee on themselves and waste away. Takes 3-4 sim days…

    Liked by 2 people

  4. wagonfruit says:

    Oh snap, she gonna hooman him?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Dun…dun…dunnn…. I’m so sad for Yuki. I hope this works out. I’m a little scared.


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