Chapter Thirty-One: News

“Gwen.” Caleb called from behind her. It felt oddly similar to that night when she said she was going to marry him. She stopped and just stood there. “What’s going on with you?” She turned to face him, ready to lash out. But then she thought about his words and how he said them. He was disappointed.
“Did you listen to everything he had said? He felt no remorse! He was happy he killed them.” Guinevere couldn’t understand why no one understood why she was angry, hurt, upset.
“An eye for an eye-” Guinevere turned her back to him, she didn’t want to hear it. She began to walk away. “Gwen stop!” She turned again, anger fuming in her eyes.
“You don’t think I’ve already had this argument with myself? I don’t want to live in fear anymore. If his children remain vampires, the fear will never stop. Put yourself in my shoes Caleb. What if you were king, and he murdered your parents and your sister? Then he tries to kill you? Wouldn’t you be a little angry and vengeful?”
“Yes. But I would be the better person and not let my anger rule over me.”
“Then you’re a better person than I am. I just want this over with so I can move on from it, so I can live my life. I’m taking self preservation over the feelings and opinions of those not in my position. Now. Is there anything else? Or can I go feed?” Guinevere’s patience was waning.
“Actually, there is something I want to ask you. Nothing about Van Gould, I assure you.”

They sat on a bench in the Mother’s alcove. Caleb turned to her, nervous. “I asked Agnes to marry me. Now…I know we can’t actually get married unless she’s a vampire, and that’s why I’m here. She’s already consented, all I need is your permission and blessing.” Guinevere’s heart ached, she was positive she would never be able to have that with Gunther.
“Of course. I meant it when I said I would. After this whole Van Gould thing is over, we can set up a date and turn her. I hope I get an invite to the wedding.”
“Gunther and Cornelia will be there, together.” Oh. Guinevere looked to the statue of the Mother and sighed.
“Then I’ll have Yuki deliver my gift.” Guinevere had to think of something to get them. Maybe I’ll just give them money. It’s not like I don’t have enough. “And I’ll want to see the wedding photos. I’ll skip the ones with Gunther and Cornelia together though. If I don’t see it, it’ll make everything a lot easier.”
“How are things with him by the way? He seems a lot happier these days.” Guinevere considered not telling him, but she couldn’t hide it.
“We kissed, a lot, two nights ago. So thank you for sending him to find me. We told each other how we feel, and I’ve been so happy. I think that’s why I just want this nightmare to be over with, so I can spend time with him before he marries Cornelia.”
“Have you asked him to just leave? I know he would if you asked him.” Guinevere laughed and bumped his shoulder with hers.
“His uncle said the same thing. I plan to ask him next time I see him. I really do love him and I think I would be heartbroken if I didn’t try.” Caleb nodded.
“I know how that feels. I didn’t think Agnes would accept, but she did. So I’m glad I asked.”
“You’ll have to tell me the story of you and Agnes one day, I wasn’t even aware you two were friends.” He shrugged.
“Not much to tell, but I will. One day. I should go, give my love to dear ol’ Gunther when you see him.” Guinevere nodded. He got up and sped away, leaving her to sit there and think of how she was going to ask Gunther to leave his life to be with her. Her stomach growled. Oh right, I was heading to get something before Caleb stopped me.

After her thirst was satiated, she spent the evening in her room reading over the recipe for the vampire cure to ensure it was perfect with no mistakes or mishaps. Just as she was going to re-read it for the ninth time, her phone rang. It was Gunther.
“Hey. Shouldn’t you be sleeping?” She heard ragged breathing, followed by sniffles. “Gunther, love, what’s wrong?”
“M-my mum. She’s gone.” Guinevere’s heart broke with the anguish in his voice. “I w-needed to hear your voice. I feel lost Gwen, I didn’t expect her to go so soon. She’ll never see me marry, she’ll never see her grandchildren.”
“Her human body may be dead, but she’s not gone. She’s with you in spirit, and she’ll be there when you marry. She’ll be there for her grandchildren. I know you believe in ghosts, so believe in her ghost.” Gunther cleared his throat, and Guinevere could hear fabric wipe across flesh like he was wiping his eyes.
“Thank you. I’m sorry to call…” He croaked.
“Don’t be, I was going to text you once I was finished reading this thing.”
“Oh. I thought there was a meeting tonight.” Guinevere stood and walked to her bed and lay down.
“There was, then it ended. You should rest, you need your strength.” She was going to tell him all about the meeting and what happened, but she felt like this was the wrong time to do so.
“I should. Can you tell my uncle? He should know.” Guinevere agreed, and sat up.
“I’ll tell him now. Rest now, I’ll call in the morning.” She hung up after their goodbyes and summoned Samuel.

He walked in shortly after summoning him. She told him to sit down, but he refused, sensing something was wrong. “I really insist on it.” She warned one last time, and again, he refused. She wouldn’t command him, so instead she just came right out with it.
“Gunther called and he wanted me to tell you that his mother had passed.” Samuel’s legs wobbled, his hands quickly covered his face and he began to sob heavily. As soon as his sobs died down to just hiccups, Guinevere spoke again. “I think you should go visit your brother. He’ll really need you.” He wiped his eyes on his sleeve with a nod.
“I agree. Oh Victor…” The tears began again. “He loved her so much. He’s going to be lost without her.” Guinevere stood and walked over to him and hugged him. He cried on her shoulder for as long as he needed. He stopped once more and she wiped his face with a smile.
“Give me your phone.” Confused, he reached into his pocket and handed the device to Guinevere.

She dialed Gunther’s number, she felt awful for waking him if she did.
“Hello?” He answered, groggily.
“Sorry to wake you, I just told your uncle.” She heard Gunther’s breathing grow distant, as if he pulled the phone away.
“This isn’t your number.” He said, matter-of-factly.
“Nope. It’s your uncle’s. Speaking of, here you go Sam. Say hello to your nephew.” She handed the phone to him, tears of happiness in his eyes. “I’m going to go take a bath, take your time.”
“Hi Gunther.” There was a pause, Guinevere didn’t want to intrude any longer so she left through the door to her bathroom. Maybe now Samuel will want to go free.


8 comments on “Chapter Thirty-One: News

  1. LadyLobster says:

    Poor Gunther. I hope there was no foul play involved in his mother’s death. And I also hope that Sam goes off to live his life instead of staying a vampire’s food, as lovely as Gwen is to him. And yay, uncle-nephew bonding! They need some of that after so long. I don’t blame Gwen for losing it and being fearful regarding Van Gould’s vampire offspring, even if Caleb is cautioning her.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. wagonfruit says:

    Sorry Caleb, I’m with Guinny on this one; screw that guy BURN BABY BURN.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. cshaner says:

    See, I gotta agree with Froots on this one – I completely agree that you’re portraying Gwen as merciless, but that’s not it. He has ZERO regret for what he did he deserves to perish. As for his kids, there is all sorts of historical (at least in fiction anyway) of people getting revenge on the people who killed their parents. Heck, most super hero origins are based in it.

    I completely agree that the Van Gould line needs to be wiped out. I hate that she has to make this choice and that so many are disagreeing…but besides, we know this whole soul ripping thing is going to cause LOTS of juicy conflict. /nod


    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh I know! The whole “revenge for killing parents” trope is why I did it. Who knows, maybe they’ll try something even as mere mortals…It wouldn’t surprise me if I did that eventually especially after who his daughter married because of MCCC lol.

      So there will be plenty of conflict after the prologue that isnt just the soul ripping thing.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Poor Gunther. And that was nice of Gwen to encourage conversation between Samuel and Gunther. And yay Caleb… I hope he finds happiness.


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