Chapter Thirty-Two: Freedom


6 comments on “Chapter Thirty-Two: Freedom

  1. LadyLobster says:

    I love Mimsy’s face in the background in one of those screenshots. Well, I guess Gwen made a tough decision and won’t have to worry about the Van Gould brood or Papa Snake anymore. I can’t decide if Gwen looks more conflicted or satisfied in that last shot…

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  2. cshaner says:

    Wow!!! Just a few short shots that said SO much.

    I could almost hear music playing – like a violin solo or something while viewing the shots. I have to agree with LL that Gwen in that final shot…there is such a look of peace there. But you know there is still that conflict raging of “did I do the right thing…they are just kids.”

    Well done!!

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  3. wagonfruit says:

    LOL! Gwen looks so please with herself!!

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