Chapter Thirty-Three: A Gift

Samuel had only been back at the castle for a day after his week and a half long family leave. Guinevere, during that week and a half, had conspired with Gunther and made a decision regarding Samuel. She called him up to her room after she had dressed for the day.
“So…” She started casually. “How was it?” As sad as the circumstances were, Guinevere was still interested in hearing from him about how it went.
“At first he thought he was going crazy, when I first showed up. Then he thought it was a hoax. Luckily, Gunther came home and cleared it all up. I helped plan the funeral with Gunther so Victor could grieve in peace. At the end of it all, he seemed relieved I was there.” Guinevere nodded. She needed to know one more thing before getting to the point of her summons.
“We’re you happy there?” Samuel’s eyes narrowed.
“Are you trying to make me leave?” Guinevere’s eyes narrowed equally as much.
“If I wanted to make you leave, I could.” Her face relaxed, but remained stern. “I’m serious Sam. You need to be with your family. Gunther and I had been working on getting you the deed to your old cabin, so you could be close to them.”
“But-” Guinevere rose an eyebrow and shook her head.
“No buts. There’s no threats to me or my family. Yuki’s clean so I can safely drink from her. I would say I don’t need you, but I’ll always need you. Your family needs you more than I do.”

“Okay. Fine. I guess there’s no way to convince you to change your mind.” Guinevere stubbornly shook her head.
“No. My mind was made up that night you left.”
“Well…since I’m no longer going to be in your employ, can I visit? This place will always be home.”
“I’d be offended if you didn’t visit! You’re family.” Guinevere rolled her eyes with a scoff. “You can stay tonight, but I think Gunther wanted to give you the keys in the morning, and help you get settled in.” Samuel nodded, nervously.
“There’s something I would like, you don’t have to agree to it, Your Majesty, but it’s something I think would be a fitting parting gift.” This piqued Guinevere’s curiosity. She just looked at him, for him to continue. “I would-Oh Watcher, I don’t quite know how to ask.” He took a deep breath and looked at his feet. “I would like to be turned…into a vampire.” Shock, that was all Guinevere felt.
“A-are you sure? It’s a terrible and painful process. You practically starve to death.”
“I’m sure. Since I’m leaving, I can continue my vampire research, and what a better way to research than to actually be a vampire! Plus! If you ever need a body guard, I’m your guy.” Guinevere was still unsure, but he seemed keen and set on this. He does have good points. I think he would be an amazing vampire, and he’s highly loyal. Maybe once he’s trained up, he can join the League.

“Alright, I’ll do it. But please, for the love of everything, if you feel like you’re going to lose control come back to the castle immediately. I mean it, I would be heartbroken if you lost control. I would have no choice but to kill you.
“I understand.” He nodded with a look of determination.
“Alright, let’s do this while the moon is still up. I’m going to put you in a trance so you feel little to no pain, I’ll be draining you completely.” With this information, Samuel paled but remained brave.
Guinevere called upon the moon and the asked the Watcher to protect Samuel as she put him into the trance. Gently, she brushed aside his hair and pulled down his shirt collar. Without hesitation, Guinevere attached her fangs to his neck, much like a snake striking their prey. She drank until she felt his pulse weaken, and she stopped right before his pulse stopped. She pulled away and punctured her wrist. “Drink.” She commanded him while he was still under her spell. The deeper he drank, the more light headed she became. Once she was sure he had enough, she lightly pushed him away and steered him to the bed so he can rest. She took the trance off once she was positive he was sleeping. “Alright, now I need to find some clothes for you. Sleep well Sam.” Even though he wasn’t fully turned, she felt that bond between a vampire master and their offspring.

That morning, she went up to check on Samuel with a plate of fruit and vegetables: He was already awake and dressed. “I feel different already.” Guinevere laughed and set the plate down.
“Well yeah. I replaced your plasma with infected plasma.” Guinevere teased. She pointed to the plate. “You should probably eat all of that before you leave. It should fill you up and give you some of the nutrients your body will still need so it doesn’t reject the plasma.”
“Thank you, Your Majesty.”
“You can call me Gwen now, no need for formalities.” She sat down in the chair at the foot of her bed and pointed to the plate again. Samuel sat on the bed and downed the plate before speaking.
“I should go, Gunther wanted to meet before work. C-Do you think you can drop by Goth Manor in the evening? Just to check on me?” Guinevere nodded.
“I was going to drop by your home, but if you want me to go to Goth Manor, I will. Now go. Tell Gunther ‘Hi’ for me.” They both stood and hugged before he left the castle.

Her day was spent lazing around the castle and worrying about Samuel. He texted her and told her that she could come over. I guess he wants me to explain the vampire thing to his brother. She told Yuki she would be late and to not wait up because she would just have a plasma fruit when she got home.
She landed gracefully on cobbled path to the manor and was greeted by Gunther. “My uncle said you were going to drop by, I didn’t think it would be literal.” His smile made her knees weak.
“Oh hush. How is he?” Guinevere didn’t know if Samuel had told Gunther.
“Oh, you mean after you uh…punctured his neck? I don’t know how he is, but I’m a little jealous.” Guinevere took a step toward him, and he followed suit. They were now standing toe-to-toe. Guinevere glanced around and spotted an elderly man and Samuel in the kitchen. “They’re too busy talking to pay attention.” He whispered before pulling her body against his and kissing her.

Guinevere and Gunther pulled apart and went up the steps and into the kitchen. Samuel shot her a knowing look. Busted. She cleared her throat and smiled. “Hello Mr. Goth. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Victor returned her smile with a kind and warm smile. Gunther stood awkwardly in the corner. Probably trying to hide something from his dad…
“Nice to meet the vampire my son, and my baby brother won’t shut up about. You are most definitely as beautiful as Samuel said you were.” Guinevere wanted to glare at Samuel, but she wanted to make a good first impression. Not like it really matters. Guinevere’s inner sourness was pushed back when Samuel spoke.
“Anyway! That’s not why I asked her to come over. I wanted to tell you something Vick, and I thought it would be easier for her to be here to answer questions.” Gunther and Victor looked to Samuel. “I asked to be turned into a vampire. And she fulfilled my request.” Guinevere watched Gunther’s reaction; jealousy and sorrow flashed briefly on his face, only to be covered by the mask of fake happiness.

“That’s great uncle!” The tone was one she had never heard before from Gunther, and it was concerning.
“But why? Sammy?” Victor looked terrified.
“Oh come on Vick. I studied vampires for a living before her father employed me. This is something you, of all people, should have seen coming.” Victor shrugged and sighed.
“I guess.” He looked to Guinevere with concern in his eyes. “When I’m gone, you’ll take care of him, right?”
“Of course, he’s my first offspring and he’s my friend. He’ll have the best training, and the best protection.” She looked to Samuel. “The connection between a master and their offspring is much like a parent and child. I would die for him if I needed to.” Her gaze went back to Victor. “If you have any other questions, feel free to call or text me. I should go before my aunt and uncle interrogate Yuki about my whereabouts.” The two men stood. Samuel hugged Guinevere, and Victor shook her hand.
“It’s nice to see my brother again, so thank you. I’m not sure how I would’ve managed without him…with the funeral and all.”
“It was no problem, really. I’ve been wanting him to leave and see you since I learned more about him. He’s so stubborn. Anyway, good night.” She didn’t see Gunther to say goodbye, so she went outside.

Just before she turned into a bat, the heard a door open and close followed by the sound of his boots and stride.
“Gwen…wait.” She stopped and turned to him. “I’ve been thinking. Maybe it is possible to run away. Now that my uncle is back, and literally back for eternity, he could have the title. He could have everything. My dad’s will says the next heir. And without me it defaults to my uncle. Without my uncle, it would have gone to my sister.”
“You father never took him out of the will?” Gunther shook his head.
“No. The last time he changed it was after Frida was born. Like I said, he was too busy raising me to take over that he didn’t think to change the will.” It took everything for Guinevere to not jump Gunther and kiss him all over. But we could be being watched.
“So, you’d be willing to run away from your duties? To be with me?” Gunther nodded.
“On my next day off, we’ll plan things. Okay? I should go in before my dad starts to wonder.” He gave her a quick peck on the lips. “I love you Gwen.”
“I love you too.” With that, he walked away and into the manor. For the first time since Caleb, she felt hopeful.


8 comments on “Chapter Thirty-Three: A Gift

  1. LadyLobster says:

    VAMPIRE SAM! I like it!

    And yay, Gunther might be able to escape his duties (and his marriage to Cornelia) after all! Will he and Gwen actually get a chance to be happy…?

    Liked by 3 people

    • They both had whims to turn him, so I figured why not! It would add a little zest to their relationship.

      “Will he and Gwen actually get a chance to be happy…?” I guess this is the billion simoleon question 😇

      Liked by 2 people

  2. wagonfruit says:

    Lucky Sam get’s to be a vampire!

    He looks a bit like Data to me…anyone else??

    Liked by 1 person

  3. cathytea says:

    Wow! Are they going to change Goth history ? (Don’t answer ! ) 🙂


  4. cshaner says:

    Omg!!!! I love that Samuel became a vampire and ahhhh the forbidden love is so hot between Guntheviere!!

    I’m so very glad Gunther brought it up and Gwen didn’t have to!! It means so much that he is ready to put the title aside for her!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was happy to just let Sam go live his life, I didn’t plan for the vampire thing but I’m glad it happened 😀

      I love their forbidden love too, it’s so passionate and amazing.
      I think that scene would’ve been a trillion times more awkward if his father had seen them kissing.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Samuel is a vampire and he’s going back to his family. I’m happy. I want to be happy for Gwen and Gunther but I’m suspicious and worried.


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