Chapter Thirty-Four: Her King

It had been a couple days since Samuel had left. Just as dusk fell, Gunther called Guinevere and invited her to this new nightclub plaza in Windenburg. He offered to pick her up, but she declined. She told him she would meet him there, because she needed to do some things before leaving for the night: Feed, tell her aunt or uncle, and lock-down the Pit. He understood and they hung up. Moments later, Guinevere received a text with general directions to the plaza.
After her “chores” she readied and left, deciding to mist there. Once the plaza was in sight she landed and walked the rest of the way. It looked crowded and didn’t want to frighten anybody. She saw a flash of auburn and purple in the crowd, heading to the bar. He really loves purple, doesn’t he. She sauntered up to the bar and sat next to him. It’s now or never.

“So…are we going to talk about a certain thing?” Guinevere’s eyes bore into his. He nodded and took a swig of his drink.
“When I leave, what’s going to happen?” He asked. She thought about it then shrugged.
“I assumed you’d want to be turned into a vampire and then we’d go from there. You already have that classic romantic era vampire vibe.”
“Okay, so we have the same idea.” He took her hand and kissed the tops of her fingers lightly. He squeezed her hand and let go to take another drink.
“Is this what you really want Gunther?” Guinevere couldn’t imagine what would happen if he later regretted it, or worse… “It’s…not all that it’s cracked up to be. The first few decades are brutal, and most vampires don’t survive because their body rejects it.” She placed her hand on his shoulder. His gaze was fixated on his drink, deep in thought.
“I’d die a million times for just the chance to be with you.” With one last gulp, his drink was finished and he stood. “Let’s go dance.”

There was something bothering Gunther, and Guinevere knew it. She had no idea how to ask him. Instead, she danced with him. He may not be the best singer, but he’s one hell of a dancer. He danced with passion, frustration. He poured his emotion into it and she could barely keep up. It was then that she decided to ask. “What’s going on? I know something is wrong.” She asked before the next song could start.
“I want to marry you Gwen.” This revelation was shocking to Guinevere.
“And I’d say yes.” He laughed and shook his head. The next song began, and it was a slow one.
“I’m not worried about your answer, I’m worried about being accepted.” He twirled her and brought her in close and resumed swaying to music. Guinevere could understand his worries, but they were silly to her.
“You have nothing to worry about. If my family don’t accept you, they’d be a bunch of hypocritical jerks. At least you have something to your name. The Shallot name was nothing until after Bernard became a vampire.” He seemed to relax a little, but there was still something bothering him — his jaw was still tense. “Are you going to tell me what the other thing is? Or are you going to be tense about it all night?” She rest her head on his shoulder and playfully nipped at his neck.

“You’re a queen, Gwen. Pure royalty. I’m sure when your aunt and uncle married, they weren’t royalty so our circumstance would be entirely different. I’m worried that they’ll either think I was a human pet of yours, or they’ll think you deserve better. Or both.” Guinevere lifted her head and studied his face. She pulled away from him and poked his chest.
“Do you think I deserve better? Because I’ll tell you something right now Gunther Goth. I am a queen. If I thought you weren’t good enough, why would I be here? There was a reason we were in the glade at the same time, and I think this is it.” He pulled her back into his arms and with a dip he had kissed her with a passion he had never kissed her with before.

They had danced the night away talking about their plans for after he left. But their fun ended with the sun rising in Windenburg. Gunther offered to drive her home and she gladly accepted. He parked down the hill from the castle and they walked the rest of the way, holding hands. Guinevere noticed how happy and light he was after their night together. She was eager to start their life together, but there was a part of her that asked if maybe they were rushing it but then she kindly reminded that part that this was two years in the making.
At the gate, he held her close and watched the sun peek over the peaks. “I don’t want to go in yet.” Guinevere whined and buried herself in his hair. He planted his lips on the exposed part of her neck and bit down. “G-gunther. What are you doing?” She pulled away and looked at him with an amused smile, trying to hide the effects of his actions.

“If you don’t want to go in because of me, why not just invite me up?” Guinevere was tempted, but she couldn’t. She was sure her uncle would kill him if they were caught. She felt like a modern teenager with an overprotective father.”If I could, I would take you up on that offer. But I’m exhausted, and you look equally exhausted. We both need sleep, and I can promise there would be no sleep.” She let him down gently. With a nod, Gunther pulled her into an embrace.
“Can’t blame me for trying. Sleep well, my queen.” They kissed one last time for the day before he headed down the hill to his car.
“Sleep well, my king.” She whispered to his departing figure before heading inside.


7 comments on “Chapter Thirty-Four: Her King

  1. wagonfruit says:


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  2. LadyLobster says:

    Bernard! *shakes fist*

    I hope Gunther’s body can handle it…being a vampire, I mean. 😉 I still wonder if there’s true happiness in store for them now that the obstacles are falling away, or at least becoming easier to overcome. Gwen and Gunther will have to find some private time soon!!

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    • I don’t think Gunther could handle her without being a vampire. 😉 Last time she had sex was like…after she first moved in with Diego. (Yes! She and Diego did the ‘hoo.) So almost a century? I’m sure she has a lot of frustrations and won’t hold back. Then poor Gunther would die! And then Gwen would fall into a depression because she killed him with snusnu.

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  3. cathytea says:

    I hope so much they go through with it! Epic plot !


  4. cshaner says:

    Awwww so beautiful and I liked the acknowledgement that she’s royalty and he’s a mere mortal (for now). It *could* have been a thing and I’m glad it’s been addressed.

    Hope they can move forward into a beautiful forever!

    *doubts it!!! Haha*


  5. He bit her? Lol. I hope this plan of theirs works out. Darn my skepticism. So Gwen’ s brother had human lovers according to Van Gould. Why can’t she? Is it because, she’s queen?


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