Chapter Thirty-Five: A New Member

As soon as Guinevere walked through the castle doors, she was greeted by an anxious Yuki.
“The League is here.” Those four words caused her heart to jumpstart and rapidly beat. Oh no…please don’t tell me they know.
“D-do you know why they’re here?” Guinevere’s nerves were on the edge of frayed.
“Don’t worry, it’s not about Gunther. As far as I know, the only one that knows is Lord Vatore. On my way up, I heard Lord Hemlock mention a new member.” Oh. Right. We have a vacancy. Guinevere placed her hand over her heart to stop the beating. She let out a sigh of relief and nodded.
“Alright, how long have I kept them waiting?”
“Not long. They arrived before dawn. Should I ready the spare coffins?” Guinevere nodded. I don’t have time to change.
“Before you do that, tell me…do I smell like cologne? I-I don’t want to raise suspicions just yet.” Yuki was wary but obliged.
“You do. Your Majesty…did you and Gunther? You know?” Guinevere’s eyes widened and she shook her head.
“No. Oh dear no. Watcher knows I want to, but not yet. Not until I know he’s ready.” Guinevere tugged at her clothes. “I have no time to change, so I hope no one notices. Well, I know Caleb will. And he’ll know exactly who this cologne belongs to.” Oh well, into the snake pit I go. “After you’re done with the coffins, could you be a dear and start my bath?” Yuki nodded and left with a curtsy. I have a feeling this meeting will be short since I already have my top pick.

She sat at the table and looked at her merry men. Caleb looked her over once before he subtly smirked.
“Nice of you to join us Your Majesty. Your human wouldn’t tell us where you were.” Caleb spoke. I’m going to murder him. She shot him a glare.
“I was out with a friend for drinks and dancing. Am I not allowed to have a social life? As for you three, couldn’t this wait til later? As much as I enjoy our meetings, I don’t like having guests in my castle…especially when the spare coffins are so close to the prisoner.” Bernard looked apologetic.
“I’m sorry, it was my idea to call the meeting so early. I knew you would be home before dawn. And we need a new member. Van Gould’s colony needs a new leader. I’ve received multiple reports of vandalism and burglary.” This was concerning to Guinevere, she had never thought this would happen so soon without leadership.
“Alright, thank you for bringing this to my attention before it got worse. I do have a person in mind for that position. I would just need to ask them if they would be interested.”

“Who?” Wogan asked.
“Diego Lobo. He’s a dear friend of mine, he rivals me in strength, and he’s very charismatic. He has leadership qualities that I think would be a great addition to the League.” The men were silent for a moment.
“He was your roommate when I came to collect you.” She nodded.
“He was also at my coronation party. He mostly kept to himself.” Realization crossed the other two men’s faces.
“OH! That Diego Lobo. I thought you were meaning the eccentric art critic.” Caleb chimed in.
“Well…they are the same people. So, you would be thinking correctly. Anyway! Before we get too off topic, I can call and ask him. We could give him a trial run if you’re unsure.” The men agreed to the trial run. Guinevere stood and walked over to the chaise and the chairs. The men followed.

She dialed his number, he answered on the third ring.
“Hey sweetface. It’s been a while.” She loved how casual he was with her, even though she was queen. He never treated her like royalty, and she found that to be an endearing quality in a friend.
“Yeah. Sorry that I’ve been a sucky friend. I’ve been meaning to call and hang out, but ya know. Royal duties and such.” Guinevere did feel guilty that she hadn’t seen him for longer than an hour after her coronation.
“It’s fine. Work has been picking up now that everyone thinks they can be artists. Speaking of royal duties, how’s it going?”
“Great! Actually, I wanted to ask you something.” She wasn’t quite sure how he would react since he didn’t seem too keen on the whole castle thing. but maybe he’ll be willing to just visit for meetings.
“Anything for you Gwen.”
“The League has an opening, and I was wondering if you’d want a trial run at the position? I’d be all for you joining without the trial, but these guys are so stubborn.”
“We’re not stubborn. We just need to make sure we can trust him.” She muted the phone and glared at Bernard.
“Oh yeah. Like you all trusted Van Gould. Sorry. I’m not trusting your judgement quite yet.” She unmuted and returned to her conversation with Diego. “I’m sorry about that Deigo. They’re still on my shit-list and I need someone I can actually trust. So what d’you say?”
“Alright. I’ll do it, as long as I don’t have to actually live in Forgotten Hollow. The commute would be killer.” Guinevere agreed.
“You can stay there. Don’t worry. I’ll call later with more details.”
“Can’t wait! I gotta get ready for work, talk later.” He hung up. She placed her phone on the table in front of her.
“He’s agreed. If you want off the shit list, you’ll give him a fair chance. I do think he’ll be a good fit, and I think you’ll all agree once you get to know him.” She stood and left them to sit there. She walked up the steps and looked down at them. “Meeting adjourned by the way. I’m going to sleep, I’m exhausted.” With that, she misted to her room and relaxed in the hot water before hibernating.


2 comments on “Chapter Thirty-Five: A New Member

  1. cshaner says:

    Ah nice! I know Diego was her roommate and trusted friend since San Myshuno. Yes she’s been a sucky friend. (Haha) but she had a usurper to oust and remedy a family to reconcile a servant to help out of an addiction and you know love life!!

    Haha I know she can trust Diego and it makes me happy to know he’ll be in the league.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I didn’t realize Diego was a vampire. Nice that she had someone she could trust. Intriguing development.


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