Chapter Thirty-Six: The Plan

She received a text from Gunther shortly after dawn, telling her to dress casually and for a sunny day and incognito. Naturally, Guinevere asked why incognito and his reply angered her. A friend of his father’s had been following Gunther because his father suspected an affair. The friend told on them, and Gunther had to sit through an hour lecture about his role and duties. Guinevere got dressed, hoping she would be incognito enough. She heard a honk from outside and quickly misted away from her chamber and down to Gunther.
He greeted her with a kiss on the cheek. “Is your driver safe?” She was worried about the reprecussions.
“Yeah. He’s on my payroll, not my father’s. Let’s go.” They walked to the car. Gunther opened the door for her and closed it after she climbed in. Moments later he was in and they were driving down the hill.
“So, where are we going?” She asked as she watched the scenery change from the dark hollow trees to the living and vibrant trees of Windenburg.
“Somewhere no one would think to find me.” Guinevere looked to him with confusion. He chuckled before answering. “We’re going to a museum in Willow Creek. I try to avoid Willow Creek if I can, it smells like swamp.”
“Well, it is a swamp after all.” Guinevere leaned on him and closed her eyes, drifting into a light sleep.

He woke her up when they arrived. They exited the car and the car left, “to make sure I cover my tracks.” or so Gunther explained. Guinevere could feel the heat gently sizzling against her skin while she stood in the sun.
“You weren’t kidding about a sunny day. Is there a hole in the ozone layer here or something?” In all of her time on this continent, she had never felt the sun be as hot as it was right now. I can feel it melting away my immunity. She didn’t want to alert Gunther, so she toughed it out. I estimate thirty minutes until I go up in flames. Surely we’ll be inside by then.
“Nah. I think it’s the swamp gasses trapping the heat down here or something like that. Are you okay?” Being honest, Guinevere shook her head.
“Not really. I can feel the heat going through immunity. We should go in.” Without warning, Gunther latched his hand around her wrist and dragged her inside. Being inside instantly made her feel better.
“Sorry, I knew I should’ve brought a parasol with me. I just didn’t want to draw too much attention to us.” Guinevere understood and nodded.
“Yeah. We don’t need spies to eavesdrop on why we’re really here…” Guinevere felt ill at the very idea. “This whole thing doesn’t change it…right? You still want to leave?” He let go of her wrist and stepped in front of her. His hands were placed gently on her shoulders as he looked at her face.
“This changes nothing. If anything, it strengthens my resolve. I love you Gwen, and I want to be with you.” He pulled her in for a brief kiss on her forehead. “Let’s go look at things and talk.”

They made there way into the first display room: A room filled with rocks and crystals. As beautiful as they were, Guinevere didn’t comment about them, instead she wanted to start on the plan.
“So. The overview and goal is for you to leave, turn into a vampire, and be with me.” She spoke in a soft murmur so no one but Gunther could hear.
“Yep. I already have an idea, but you might not like it. Once the process is started, I could fake my death. We’d have to act quickly to get my body out of the coffin before they bury me. If I dig myself out, my father will put it together.” He was right, she didn’t like the idea.
“It’s far too risky though. What if we can’t get you out in time? What if he orders an autopsy on your body, which is likely since you’re in peak physical condition with no health issues. Your ‘death’ would be suspicious.” Gunther looked at her with a face that told her he didn’t think of the autopsy thing.
“Alright, then what’s your idea?” Guinevere smirked. I don’t think he’ll like my idea.
“A similar idea to yours. I have access to a morgue…So we’d need a little bit of your dna and clothes. We can either burn down your office with ‘you’ in it. Or drive your car off a cliff and ensure it blows up with ‘you’ in it.”
“Jesus, Gwen!” He exclaimed with horror. Guinevere grinned because she knew it was the only option when it came to faking his death. “That’s…” He started, still terrified. “…that could actually work.” He finished slowly once realization hit.
“I know. That’s why I suggested it. This isn’t the first death I’ve helped fake. Remember, Bernard and Mimsy faked their deaths with fire.” Gunther nodded.
“Okay. We kinda have the how. We just need the when.”

They left the crystal room and were greeted by the skeleton of a large cowplant. They stood shoulder-to-shoulder and looked at it while they continued their conversation.
“So how exactly do you want to die? I feel like the car would be more believable. No way to escape that, and no extra damage.”
“I agree. Burning my office would be a bad idea, especially since it would be arson. I don’t think the insurance covers that, and other people could be hurt if it got out of control.” Leave it to him to think about insurance when he’ll be dead.
“Yeah. So blaze of glory it is. When do you think you would want this to happen?” Deep down, she felt guilty for feeling amusement while they planned his death. It’s for the greater good, and he wants this too. She reminded herself.
“Sometime before the year is over, preferably. I need to write my will.” He paused for a moment and thought. “I’ll have it written like I actually plan on marrying Cornelia, just to make sure father thinks this is an accident. And…I want to make sure he’s in an okay place. Losing mum took a toll on him.” She couldn’t fault him for wanting to tie up his loose ends and say goodbye.
“Will four months be enough time? That should be around the time Mimsy gives birth, they’ll be too preoccupied with the baby to be mad at this idea.” Guinevere hoped it would be enough time for Gunther to say goodbye to his father and the life he knew. Gunther nodded but she still felt guilt.
“Plenty of time. I doubt Cornelia will want to get married by then, she’s still torn between dresses and color schemes, and the guest list.” Gunther sighed. “Please tell me our wedding will be simple?” Guinevere hadn’t thought much about her dream wedding since she didn’t like huge events, but with her position who knew what her wedding would be like.
“If I had my way, yes. But I’m sure my aunt will want to plan a large event. So I’ll just pawn it all off on her.” Guinevere looked to him and grabbed his hand. “Everything is going to work out. Let’s spend the rest of the day relaxing and looking at all this neat stuff.” He squeezed her hand and nodded.

After they were done, Gunther called his driver to come get them. The driver was going to meet them at the shoreline, so to the shoreline they went. The temperature dropped and was safe for Guinevere, so they sat on the bench and waited. The took a risk and sat close together, his arm slung over her shoulder. She rest her head on his shoulder and listened to his breathing and his heartbeat. I hope he won’t regret any of this. I don’t know what will happen to me without him now that I’ve had him.
“What’re you thinking about?” His voice rumbled in her ear and she looked up.
“You. And how I hope you won’t regret it.” He brushed side her hair, she leaned into his hand.
“I won’t. This is what I need. I’ve always been fascinated with vampires and always dreamed of being one. I need to follow my dreams, and not my father’s.” I feel like this is going too well. Maybe it’s the way my life has been until now, but I feel like something is going to happen. She pushed her panic aside when he leaned in and kissed her. They remained that way until the driver showed up to take her home.


9 comments on “Chapter Thirty-Six: The Plan

  1. cathytea says:

    I’m mildly worried… four months is a long time on Cupid’s calendar !

    Liked by 2 people

  2. wagonfruit says:

    Omg *that sweater* sorry Gunther darling, I can’t unsee it on Penny! My brain is like “why you wearing a girl’s sweater boo??”…The man bun tho: hawt! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL The sweater is my favorite men’s sweater. I didn’t remember Penny wore it until waaaay after I shot that scene. So I rolled with it 😉

      *spoiler-not-spoiler* Gwen had it for one of her post-prologue outfits. But it’s been long replaced with Bowling stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

    • LadyLobster says:

      Ahaha. I thought the same thing when I saw the sweater, even though it IS a man’s sweater. I deliberately chose masculine clothes for Penny. And Gwen and Gunther are so cute together now that they’re allowed to be!

      “I feel like this is going too well. Maybe it’s the way my life has been until now, but I feel like something is going to happen.” You and me both, sister.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. cshaner says:

    Hmmmm staged accident. This sounds like things could go horribly wrong.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Devilish plans… Oh I hope they last 4 months. I’m scared now.


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