Chapter Thirty-Nine: Gunther

Guinevere had just finished checking on Mimsy and Elizabeth when Yuki ran up to her. “Ma’am-” She stopped for a moment to catch her breath. “Mr. Goth is in the stone room waiting.” Suddenly, Guinevere felt nervous. He didn’t text at all this morning, and she was beginning to worry. What if it’s not even him. There is more than one Mr. Goth.
“Gunther? Or Sam?” She asked, warily.
“Gunther. If it was Sam, I just would have said Sam. You really should go. Mr. Goth doesn’t look as happy as he usually does.” Guinevere thanked Yuki and rushed down there with super speed. She slowed once she reached the archway and stopped. Yuki said he doesn’t look happy. I need to be prepared for the wo-the worst. She smoothed her dress and walked down the corridor, throwing up her walls.

Yuki was right, not only did he not look happy. He’s heartbroken. Her walls were crumbling. There were a few things that would cause him to look this way, and most of those few things involved her. “Gunther…?” She spoke gently. “What’s wrong?” She looked him over, not a speck of purple…or color for that matter. Just black, and formal. Oh. Oh no. Please no. Sam was her first thought, but then she remembered that she would feel if something happened to him.
“M-my father. He passed last night, and we buried him this morning.” Everything in Guinevere shattered. She knew what this meant for her. For them. She didn’t want to ask, she didn’t want to confirm what she already knew. But something in her needed to know. but not yet. I need to be here for him.

“I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do?” He shook his head with a soft sniffle.
“No. Gwen…” He looked to her with tear-filled eyes. He inhaled sharply and shook his head again. “I should be the one apologizing.” Guinevere’s mind was racing with what he was going to say, but it all ended the same way: heartbroken and alone.
“Why?” She asked in a small voice, not ready to hear the answer.
“I’m going to go through with the marriage. If I left now, everything would go to shit. Everything my father built would be destroyed.” He let out a sad laugh. “In the end, he got what he wanted. Me to be the ever dutiful son.” Guinevere’s lip quivered she slid away from him and hugged herself. I can feel my shriveled heart breaking.

A hand moved to her face to hide the tears, and the other hand dropped to her lap. She sensed him reaching for her. “Don’t touch me!” She snapped. “How could I be so stupid to expect a happy ending?” She wanted to scream, she wanted to yell. It’s just not fair!
“You’re not the only one hurting, Gwen.” Gunther’s voice was dripping with pain and sorrow. “I lost my father, and now I’m losing you. I don’t get a happy ending either.” Guinevere’s head snapped up, face blood stained.
“You only have to live with it until you die! Me? I have to live with it for an eternity. I lose everyone I have ever loved. It’s only a matter of time befor-” She stopped, she didn’t want to think of the deaths of Bernard, Mimsy and Elizabeth. “So go. Go live your life. Eventually you’ll forget about me.” Guinevere stood, preparing to leave but Gunther grabbed her wrist.
“Please. Don’t leave me yet. Give us until Cornelia decides a date.” Part of her wanted to tell him to fuck off, another part wanted to jump him then and there. But the part that won, was the part that would be lost without him.
“Fine. I’m probably going to regret this, but if it gives me more time with you…I’ll do it.” Gunther stood without letting go of her. He looks so broken. His eyes were lifeless and dark, he looked paler than usual. They didn’t say another word as she walked him out of the castle.
“Do I really have to go right now?” His voice cracked with tears. Guinevere nodded, the feelings of extreme sadness and anger fueled her need to escape.
“I need time to mourn, and so do you.”

Everything we do could be the last. Every look, every touch. Every embrace, every kiss. Every ‘I love you’. Just the thought brought back the tears. He wiped them away as they fell.
“I really am sorry Gwen.” She pulled away once more.
“This is who you are. The dutiful son who puts his parents before himself, even in death. I understand it. So I don’t blame you. It would’ve been so much easier if I had never fallen in love.”
“Do you regret it?” Gunther asked, holding back his tears. Do I? Guinevere was silent while she thought about it.
“At the moment, no. But once you’re dead and buried, I will.” Gunther winced at her coldness.
“I’ll always love you, please remember that.” He whispered. “I’m going to go.” He turned to leave. This time, she grabbed his wrist. She twirled him to face her and kissed him. This might be our last kiss, so I’m going to make it a good one.


6 comments on “Chapter Thirty-Nine: Gunther

  1. cshaner says:

    This was so sad…but I had a feeling something would mar their plans. Four months was too long to wait kiddos.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. cathytea says:

    I knew four months was too long to wait ! Plus , if you change destiny you get like some weird spin-off universe . .. but happy thought: how does Gwen feel about eternal romances of a ghostly nature?

    Liked by 1 person

    • There’s nothing wrong with spin-off/alternate universes considering ts4 is an alternate universe :p But I know what you mean. I couldn’t not have Gunther and Cornelia together.

      I never thought about the ghost thing but it could be a possibility! She could always resurrect him in the end 😮

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Nooooooo… I knew it was too good to be true. I’m so depressed now.


  4. Like CT and Dante in Whisper?


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