Chapter Three: Training

Do you remember when I first lifted you to the sky? You were but a babe, young and carefree.

You had no idea how important you were to me.

All you wanted to do was ‘pway Gwen, pway!’.

You wanted me to help with your blocks, and teach you words to say.

Everything was so simple, back when you were younger.

Now, I train you. Train you to be better, stronger.

I train you because one day you’ll be queen. One day when this darkness finally ends me.

Do you remember when I would be your prey? You were just learning to talk.

You would laugh and giggle, and somehow…you would lose a sock.

Up on my back, we would spin and twirl. It’s a wonder you never hurled.

Those were the days, when you were small and curious about the world.

Now I teach you what it means to be a vampire.

I teach you with a passion that burns like a hot fire.

I teach you because one day you’ll be queen. One day when this darkness finally sets me free.

I remember it all. And it all was part of this bigger picture.

One day, you’ll understand. You’ll understand why I wanted you to be quicker.

When you’re queen, you’ll understand why I trained you so hard.

When you’re queen, you’ll understand why we always sparred.

When you’re queen, you’ll understand why I taught you mercy.

When you’re queen, you’ll understand why I was in a hurry.

You’ll understand it all, because you’ll be queen. And you’ll finally free me from this darkness.

After our spar, I take Lizzy to the League Room so she can read the tomes. As we walk in, I spy Van Gould in the kitchen of his cell. “Do you want me to close the curtains?” I want to spare her from the truth of Van Gould, just a little longer.
“No, it’s fine. I don’t know the reason why he’s there, but I would imagine it’s a good one…and that you have an even better reason for displaying him like that.” I nod, I did have a good reason for this design: To remind my League that’s what happens when you fuck with me.
“Alright. Go get the tome and I’ll sit there.” Lizzy scans the bookshelf and brings back the leather bound tome.
“Gwen?” She lays the book on her lap and looks at me. “Why do you train me so hard? I mean…you don’t train your offspring as much as you train me.” Should I tell her? No. Not yet.
“Because you’re family. And I’m your godmother, so…I feel like I have an obligation. Now.” I point to the book. “Read your tome and don’t complain about it.” She gives me a stiff nod and opens the book. I stare into the fire, that is until my phone rings. In large letters is my human’s name: Roxanne. I answer. “What’s going on Roxanne?” She wouldn’t call unless it was important.
“Your guest is awake and hungry. What do you want me to do?” Shit.
“I’ll be right up. Prepare a plasma fruit salad, and I’ll take it to him.” I end the call and look to Lizzy. She’s looking at me with a raised brow.
“A guest? Are you going to share the deets?” I smirk and shake my head. I wasn’t ready to share my guest.
“Nope. You’ll just blab to your mother. Now finish reading that chapter, then you can go. If I catch you snooping, I’ll throw you in that cell with Van Gould.” She gulps as I stand and leave the room.

My dark form finally faded and my guest was taken care of and sleeping once more. I had the evening to myself. I could have hit the clubs, or stayed home and done something productive. Instead, I stay in my room and watching the city lights twinkle listening to my guest sleep. It has been a month since I had last seen Mortimer, and a month since I had learned of Gunther’s death. This guest, he was something new, and I was terrified…but it was rather exciting. I’m not sure how anyone is going to react to my guest, especially after mourning for so long.


7 comments on “Chapter Three: Training

  1. wagonfruit says:

    OMG! Guinny looks like Morticia Addams!

    Ahh! Now I have a head canon where Mortimer is trans…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cshaner says:

    Hmmmm I’m really feeling disjointed I’m sure you’ll pull us all together but last chapter and this one just feel like a completely different story. I have to agree with Pammies comment that the heir is hard to connect with.

    We’ll see.

    Liked by 1 person

    • wagonfruit says:

      Yeah, I’m going to admit to being pretty lost at this point, and having a hard time connecting to the characters…just feeling a bit turned upside down maybe? Idk! We’ll see how it all weaves together!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Why does it feel disjointed?


      • cshaner says:

        Ok, So it seems disjointed to me because we have in the last chapter just learned of a consummation of a relationship we were unaware of and for all the build up, I really thought Guntheviere were done, but now to know there is this mysterious son she gave birth to, but made Fairies wipe everyone’s mind … now there is also this long poem, which shows a connection with Lizzy (who I barely recalled was Elizabeth, Mimsy’s daughter and Guin’s heir. Now (especially with your comment to Pammie, it seems Guinny really wants her own son to be the heir…)

        I just feel like with the opening chapter to Act II that we saw this very sexy dream / fantasy sequence where I didn’t understand at all at first, but then I was like Ah ha! That was Mortimer’s conception…but you tell us no, it was all just symbolic of her inner struggle. I guess I’m just really confused overall. I hope you understand that I’m not in anyway trying to disparage this, I just am having a hard time following now. Perhaps I just need to sit back after this 33 year time jump and wait for things to be explained.

        Liked by 3 people

      • I guess I understand that. I knew I should’ve followed through with the 52 chapters instead of cutting of where I did, I just felt like I was dragging it out too long. Everything in the flashbacks were directly from the last few deleted chapters. It was all planned to happen before I changed the format. Everything that was planned is happening just at a different pace than I originally planned.
        I guess to me it’s not confusing because I know where it’s all leading and what happened.

        Now all I can do is just hope it starts to make sense eventually or just end it here and do an epilogue. Because if it’s confusing for two people, I wonder who else is confused.


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