Chapter Four: Grandmother

Mortimer greets me at the door, excitement radiates off of him. “Mum, before I show you in…there’s something I need to tell you.” Curious, I only stand there and nod. “You’ll be meeting my wife.”
“I know. I read all about the wedding. Agnes wrote a lovely report.” Mortimer smiles and shakes his head.
“Not just that. Bells and I, we have a daughter. You’re a grandmum.” I feel faint. A grandmother? Me! Oh dear Watcher. I can’t hope to contain my happiness and before I can stop myself, I hug Mortimer.
“I can’t wait to meet them! What’s her name?”
“Cassandra Rose Goth.” Cassandra Rose Goth — A beautiful name. “Let’s go in. I didn’t put on my sunscreen.” I nod, remembering he’s still a vampire.

Before I leave, I take time to visit the cemetery in the backyard – with Mortimer’s permission of course. I wander around and look at all the previous generations of Goths. There was even a tombstone for Sam. I walk further down the path and see a tombstone for Agnes. I remember that she told me she attended her own funeral — leave it to Agnes to want a funeral.
I finally come to the center where there’s a large marble structure covered in ivy and surrounded by lavender. I read the names on the two stones and my heart stops. Cornelia’s name is on the smaller and Gunther’s on the larger. I feel the need to say something, maybe it could be a form of closure. “I hope the marriage was a happy one…that’s all I wanted for you two. And if it wasn’t, then I’m so so sorry. I never wan-I just wanted everyone to forget me, I never wanted to ruin a marriage. I wanted your lives to continue happily, as a family.
Mortimer seems like a well adjusted man. Kind, happy…smart. That’s all I wanted for him. So thank you.”


One comment on “Chapter Four: Grandmother

  1. cathytea says:

    Yay ! I’m so happy to see toddler Cassandra !

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