Chapter Five: Humans vs. Vampires

As I sit at my round table, I look at the four men and the empty chair. Sam didn’t show up, which was understandable given the circumstances. I adjust the briefcase next to my chair, propping it up. I lay my phone on the table with a recording program open.
“Before this meeting officially starts, I want to say I’m recording this meeting for the transcript. I’ll have each of you sign it before I give it to the humans.”
“Your Majesty,” Caleb’s voice makes my attention turn to him. “Sam named me his proxy for the vote today.” He hands me a letter from Sam, proving his proxy. Quickly, I nod and place it under my phone. I would need to keep the letter for the file. With Sam’s absence, I would need to be extra convincing on the recording. This needed to pass, it’s been thirty-eight years and the humans were the thorn in our side.
“Well then let’s get down to business.” I press play on the program and start.

“I’m sure you all had ample time to think of the pros and cons, correct?” Each man nods and I continue. “As much as I love my new offspring, they shouldn’t have had to have been turned for the sole purpose of marrying their spouse. Just this last month, a man approached me and he was terminally ill. He wanted to be turned to live, and I could understand why: He was only twenty-eight, married to a human and had two children. Because of the current laws against it, in order to turn him I needed to turn his wife. It wasn’t fair to her, but she did it. There’s many other similar circumstances . It should be a choice, not a requirement.” My thoughts focus on Mortimer and Bella. He’s a vampire, and she’s a human. If the League ever spoke about it – just to uphold the law – Mortimer would be cured or Bella would be forced to turn. And if the humans found out…it would be the same outcome. Maybe I’m being selfish by not wanting to bring Mortimer into this, but it was still something that needs to change. “Four of the six people in the League have been impacted personally by this law. It’s too late to change the past, but we can change the future.”

I finish and give the men a chance to speak, to plead their case. Bernard is the first to take this chance. “You know I’m all for it. I would have loved the choice, and things would have potentially been different. We’re all humans beyond this and the Watcher gave us free will for a reason.” I have always been curious about what Bernard would have done if he was given the choice.
“If you did have the choice, what would you have done?” I ask.
“I still would have turned. I loved Mimsy and wanted to spend eternity with her, and I’m glad I chose it. Now we have Elizabeth, Delilah, and Cristian. Though, I would have chosen it to be a little after the wedding, not during.”
“Same!” Diego interrupts. “Yuki was miserable so our honeymoon was canceled. No use in going to Spain if you’re miserable followed by being allergic to the sun.” I sigh and shake my head. The day I turned Yuki was the day after I left Mortimer…they gave me their Spain trip, and I gave them the castle while I was gone.
“At least the trip didn’t go to waste. Anyway, back on topic. Caleb,” I look at Caleb, then to Wogan. “Wogan, anything to add before I put it to vote?”

Caleb nods and begins. “We had time for her to adjust before we married…but Agnes was still terrified of turning. It took months for her to get used to it…but even then, her sister wanted nothing to do with her. The vampire stories of old still haunt the modern population, and it causes rifts in family and relationships if a person is forced to turn just so they can marry someone they love. In order for Cornelia to talk to Agnes, they had to have a mock funeral to ‘kill’ the old Agnes. I’m still livid about it.” I remember the tombstone in the Goth Cemetery and until now, I had no idea the full story. I thought it was just some diva thing for Agnes.
“I had no idea…” And I let this woman raise my son. This woman that hated vampires. I say a silent thank you to the Watcher that Mortimer is fine.
“The past is the past. Can’t do anything to change it now, and no use in wondering ‘what if…?’. We have three beautiful children, and Agnes is a fully published vampire author.” Caleb shrugs and leaned back in the chair. I nod and look to Wogan, he looks absolutely disgusted with Caleb’s story.
“Even though I don’t want anyone to go through what Agnes had to go through. My sister married another vampire, but she still gets shit from humans because she’s a lesbian married to a woman. If a large portion of humans are still horrible toward anything that isn’t heterosexual, how can we expect them to approve vampire and human relations?” I take a deep breath and think about how to word what I want to say.
“If we expect the worst from humanity, that’s what we’re going to get. We need to focus on strengthening relations with the open-minded humans. It’s horrible what Brigit and Lilith have gone through, but that doesn’t represent humanity as a whole. We’ve all spoken, now it’s time to vote.”
The room was silent while I pulled the ballot papers from my briefcase. I pass it around, telling Caleb to keep two. Now that there were six members of the League, including myself, I wasn’t allowed to vote in case of a tie. Which was no problem for me since I have to deal with the paperwork and meetings.

When this passes, I have to meet with the humans to try to lift their law — But, this time we had the proper papers, the proper “process” and hopefully the proper argument. If not, I have one last argument to use: Humanity will die out if they’re turning into vampires to be with their spouses. Since coming out, I’ve turned so many humans that wanted to be with their vampire lovers, at this rate…they’ll all be vampires within 100 years.
I look through the finished papers and all five votes are yes. Next thing to do is the paperwork, and collect their signatures. But that can wait until tomorrow. I felt like celebrating with the man upstairs.
“Good job guys, I’ll do the paperwork tomorrow. Meeting dismissed!” As they file out of the room, I pack the papers into the briefcase and pray for a miracle.


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