Chapter Seven: That Night

WARNING: Contains a censored sexual image!

Even though the plasma test said I was pregnant, I need to confirm it for myself. On the way home, I bought three boxes of tests. I didn’t stop to say hello to anyone on the way up to my bathroom. Luckily he wasn’t up here. Hastily, I open each box and pee on each stick. I lay two on the floor, at my feet and hold one as I watch the result. All three say the same thing: Pregnant. As I sit there, I can’t help but think of the last time I was pregnant…and that night it happened.

Yuki had woken Guinevere up from her slumber. “Mr. Goth is here.” Not Sa-No…It can’t be Gunther. She takes no time to think further about it and mists herself down to the foyer. Sure enough, Gunther was there.
“What the hell are you doing here? You’re getting married tomorrow afternoon.” He strode up to her, purpose in his steps and passion in his eyes. He held her head in his hands and kissed her. She pushed him away, tasting the whisky. “You’re drunk.” He shook his head.
“It was a sip. Caleb told me that if I didn’t say good bye, properly, I would regret it.”
“So what, you think I’m going to have sex with you as a last hoorah? Fuck you. I was just getting over you, and you show up.”
“I’ll go then, if that’s what you want.”
Do I really want him to go? He took a step back. I would regret it if I didn’t…Caleb’s right for both of us. Guinevere steps toward him and grips his tie.
“Let’s go.” This shocked him, but he followed as she led him through the castle to her chambers. They spent the night exploring each other and saying goodbye the only way their passion would be satisfied with.

The months following that last hoorah, she felt something she had never felt before — she felt tiny flutters from her womb. It was that first flutter that worried Guinevere. She remembered throwing up randomly during the day and paired that with the fluttering sensation. Could this really be? Luckily she found some unopened tests in a box in her aunt’s former room. She took them and felt despair as the test read ‘pregnant’. She needed to tell someone she could trust.

Since Yuki was the first person I told back then, Roxanne would be the first person I tell this time. I make my way down to Roxanne’s living space while avoiding him and sit on the couch next to her.
“Roxanne…I need to tell you something important. It’s…last time I told someone, she was my employee. And I feel it’s only fitting to tell you.” I’m nervous. I trust her with my life, and my secrets…but this was a very intimate secret. “I’m pregnant.” Her eyes light up, similar to how Yuki’s did so long ago.
“Wow really!? Did you tell Mr.-”
“No. Not yet. I wanted to tell you first. Because last time…I required a lot of plasma. So, I may have you look for a second person for me to feed from just while I’m pregnant.” She nods, her expression is still in a dream state.
“A baby. This is exciting news Ma’am.” I stand with a sigh.
“This is…but oh so complicated.” I look down at her, my voice pleading, “Don’t mention this to anyone, even if you think they would know…” I now have to think of who to tell and when. Naturally the father is next. But who after that? And what would I tell them about the father?


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