Chapter Six: The Unexpected

Following Yuki and Sam’s advice from many, many years ago…I decided to make an appointment with a doctor after I couldn’t keep a plasma fruit down. The doctor that was recommended was Nina Lothario since she specialized in supernatural beings. So here I sit, in Dr. Lothario’s room. She’s a kind looking woman, and very warm. And just from her scent, I can tell she’s of alien descent.
“So what can I do for you today, Your Majesty?” I blanch at the title. How she knows who I am, is beyond me since I made the appointment with my model name: Morgana Albus. “I have light telepathy, don’t worry though…secret is safe with me.” She winks and looks at my file.
“If you’re telepathic, you tell me why I’m here.” I tease. She places the file on the cart next to her and smiles.
“I just looked at your files, so either way…I know it’s stomach problems. Let’s get some plasma drawn and tested to rule out things and we’ll go from there.” I nod and hold out my wrist. She prods my skin with a sharp needle where the plasma is in my arm. It’s a sharp pain, but I relax. “I’ll go test these and be right back.” She leaves me alone to think about the possibilities. I know it’s a withered stomach, but I do wonder what she can do to fix it.

She comes back with a smile. This was surely good news, right? “It’s obvious, with your age and symptoms that you have a withered stomach. There’s a wonderful elixir that can fix that right up, and I would recommend that normally.” This sounds like awful news…why is she smiling?! “But in your condition I can’t recommend it.”
“Condition?” What condition?
“You don’t know? Oh, oh this is my favorite part of being a doctor. Ma’am, you’re pregnant!” The word echoed…pregnant. Me? I wasn’t even trying! “Uh oh…this wasn’t something you wanted. Oh dear.” I know I should be happy…but how can I be happy when no one except Roxanne knows about the father. This is going to complicate everything!
“After the baby is born, can I take the elixir? Or do I have to wait until I’m not breastfeeding?”
“After the baby is born you’re alright to take it. I actually encourage it because you’ll need all the nutrients possible for the breast milk.”

I nod. Now I need to think of what I’m going to tell people. Based on my pregnancy with Mortimer, I can only hide it until the beginning of my second trimester. But then comes the question of how far along I am?
“I…have no idea how far along I am. I’ve been having a lot of…” I clear my throat. “relations recently. And vampires my age don’t menstruate like humans.” Dr. Lothario looks at the results again.
“Your personal plasma count tells me you’re almost in the second trimester.” I think back to when that would have been. It was either the night I came home from Goth Manor, or the day of the vote.


2 comments on “Chapter Six: The Unexpected

  1. cathytea says:

    Oh boy . And we still don’t know who the mystery guy is ! Maybe it’s Pill!

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