Chapter Ten: The Father

I paced, and paced, and paced. The longer the meeting dragged on, the more restless I became. I worried about her and what they could force her to say. Before she went down there, she was already conflicted but she was set on telling them she wanted privacy. She didn’t want to tell them the truth, not yet at least. There were things we still needed to talk about, things I still needed to tell her. But if they did wear her down, what would she say? How would she explain me?
I continued to pace. The clicking against the marble was oddly hypnotic and soothing. I listened to the rhythm, hoping it would calm my ever-fraying nerves. Would I be accepted? Would we be accepted? There were so many unanswered questions.

I stopped pacing and stood at the window. I tried to imagine what was going on in the room three floors down. What kinds of questions were they asking beyond the obvious? Was she going to at least tell them she was married? Oh how I would love to see their faces if she dropped that bombshell. Of course, they would be angry because she eloped. They would be angry that she didn’t marry on their terms. She married her way, without interference…which is exactly what she wanted. And simple, which is what I wanted.
If she didn’t tell them, then when? Though, knowing her, she’ll explode if she’s pushed too far.

I felt the itch to pace again but decided against it. I ran a cold shower and hoped it would help this anxiety…but it didn’t. Instead I dwelled on darker things. If something happened to her and the baby, who would be the heir? Legally, Elizabeth is the heir but only because no one, that I know of, knows about Mortimer. Would he even want to be heir? He had no interest in being the heir to the company. Plus…he knew nothing about being a vampire, so could he even be the heir?

After the shower and drying off, I forgo clothes. I sat on the bed and looked down at the twinkling lights below. Going off past experiences, league meetings made her tense. And as a house-husband, it was my duty to make her life easier. I looked down at the white-gold band. I could feel the emboss against my skin: ‘The Last Dream of My Soul’.
Just before I could lay back and close my eyes, I heard distant steps of her Louboutin’s walking up the steps. I waited before calling out to her…I waited until I heard the locks click and the door closing. “I’m still up.” I spoke as I stood and waited for her to appear.

She walked from behind the wall, hips swaying. I looked her over. She looked exhausted, but radiant. “How’d it go?” I snaked my arm around her, pulling her against my body.
“Well, Mr. Guinevere Straud-” She breathed before nipping at my lower lip. “-they know we’re married. But that’s it.” I placed my lips to her neck, gently biting. “Caleb gave me the most trouble, but in the end…he caved.” She pulled her neck away and she looked into my eyes. “We may have to keep the curtains drawn for a while until you’re revealed.” Her face was serious and I groaned, how was I supposed to build up my sun immunity now? “I get the feeling we’ll be seeing more bats in the immediate future.” I rose an eyebrow, wondering if they would really be that desperate.
“You’re not really serious…are you?” Knowing Caleb’s ambition and determination, I guess I could see him doing something as sneaky as that.
“Dead serious. Now…take me to bed, Gunther.”


4 comments on “Chapter Ten: The Father

  1. cathytea says:

    Wha? I need more !

    I was trying to ID the tats! Lol! And I thought my latest guess was going to be right , but it looks like there’s an awesome romantic mystery waiting to be explained !

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  2. Yay~! I need more now after that.

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