Chapter Eleven: The Price

We sit on the bed, I feel too drained to do anything other than be in his arms and I tell him that. “Can we just sit here and kiss and talk? I’m so tired.” Worry shines in his beautiful rum colored eyes.
“Are you okay?” I run my fingers through his auburn curls and nod.
“Yeah. Just…keeping you a secret is so exhausting.”
“Then don’t.” I place my hands on his shoulders and look at his face.
“Oh yeah. And what am I gonna say: ‘Hey! Remember this guy? He’s supposed to be like…sixty-two and dead? Well surprise! Fairies took pity on me.’ Not that I’m complaining. I prefer you alive, and in peak physical condition.” I peck the tip of his nose. I feel his laugh rumbling before I hear it.
“I’m glad I pass your standards.”
“You’d always pass…” I trail off, thinking of the fairies. Why did they bring him back? Surely it’s not because they felt bad for me.
“I know that look, what’s going on in that beautiful mind of yours?” Rapidly, I blink to focus my eyes on him.
“Sorry…” I must have spaced out. “I was thinking of reasons why they would bring you back. I really am happy…but why? For what purpose?” He gulps and pulls away. My grip on his shoulders tighten, I feel his muscles flexing beneath my fingertips as he tries to pull away. “You know.” I simply say. “Gunther…you need to tell me. Don’t make me command you.”

His muscles relax as he gives into my will.
“I’m terrified to tell you. Because I wanted so long to tell you.” His eyes pleading, and his jaw is set. This was something serious. “They fear the path you’re on Gwen…they fear what you’re becoming.”
“I fear what I’m becoming.” Shakily, I finally admit it aloud. “I don’t even know why I’m like this. I’ve read every tome more than once. I contacted most of the ancients, and the only thing I got was from an old friend saying it looks like a curse.” If it truly is a curse, where did it come from? And from whom?
“They’re not wrong.” Gunther’s lips are drawn in a tight frown. “The fairies…they brought me back to either cure you, or…” It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the end of the sentence.
“They sent you to me, so you can ultimately kill me?” I shake my head with a disappointed sigh. I thought they were smarter than that. “Don’t those idiots know how vampire offspring work? They can’t kill their maker unless the maker wills it.”
“That’s what they’re counting on. They know more than they’re willing to share, but they told me that was the price for resurrecting me. Either you’re cured, or we both die.” As if by instinct, one of my hands falls from his shoulder to my womb.
“And orphan our child? I don’t think so. I would kill you before you kill me.”
“Let’s not talk about killing each other, at least for tonight. Deal?” I rest my forehead on his and nod.
“Deal.” This was surely going to change things, right? My heart pounds in my ears. I feel ill, like throwing up.

Since I don’t want to think of killing or being killed by Gunther, I think of the curse instead. If anyone would know, it would be him. I think it’s time I paid him a visit for the first time in twenty years. I hop off of Gunther’s lap, he grabs my wrist.
“Are you mad at me?” I shake my head and yank my arm from his grip.
“I’m going to go get answers. If anyone would know about this curse, it would be Van Gould. I’ll torture him if I have to.” As I walk away, I hear Gunther following.
“Please, no.” I stop and feel his fingers rest on my hip. “I think this is the moment they warned me about. Please come back to bed.” His voice is a salve, and I give in. I manage to push the darkness away. “I won’t let you go down there and do something you’ll regret.” Let me? The floodgates open and I feel the darkness taking hold. I have no choice but to embrace it, or drown trying to contain it.
Stay.” Betrayal and sadness cried from his mind as soon as I commanded him. I don’t look back as I walk down to Van Gould’s chamber.


5 comments on “Chapter Eleven: The Price

  1. wagonfruit says:

    Okay, all caught up! (Wow girl, how do you find the time?! /jealous)
    Ahh, I’m glad it was Gunther and not, like Don Lothario, or something! LOL

    Ok, so, ooo! Fairy-Vampire Gunther! COOL (I like his tattoo, is that new?)
    He’s rockin’ that short hair!

    I am curious about this “change” though, when’s that going to happen? Is that why Guinny’s moles fell off? Is that why she dyed her hair? Ahh, don’t answer if it’s spoilery!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Insomnia and restless nights make for excellent writing time.

      All of Gunther’s tats are new…I think. It’s been so long idr tbh.
      She still has moles just took the piercing out :p She also had tats removed and new tats added.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. cathytea says:

    Oh boy . This is awesome and epic !


  3. Fantastic I am lobing this


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