Chapter Twelve: Written in Fairy Dust

“At first I thought I was in my personal Heaven — The sound of fish breaking the water surface, the tiny waves and ripples was the first thing I heard. I opened my eyes, expecting to be on a beach…instead I was in a fairy glade. The fairy glade. It made sense to be my personal Heaven, but I was missing a few key features, namely your mother. I figured my personal Heaven would have an illusion of her since she was my soulmate. Instead, it was void of life other than the fairies and the fish. I remained on the shore, in isolated solitude until a fairy approached me. She explained everything. She told me I had just been buried, and then explained why I was being resurrected. She told me my new life’s mission: To save Guinevere Straud from herself. So, with a purpose, I was sent back into the world. I had a twenty-four hour glamour, no one would recognize me out in the world while I looked for her.

The first place I went was to the castle, assuming she still lived there. But boy was I wrong. Elizabeth sure is a peach…she was so defensive, and I’m sure she would have tried to kill me if I didn’t tell her I was an old friend that had no idea she moved. She couldn’t tell what I was, so she was still on the defensive. So I told her the first lie I thought of: That I was a fallen fairy. I probably smelled like a fairy, which is probably why she bought it. So she, reluctantly, told me of the penthouse and how to get past the doorman. So my next stop was San Myshuno.

She recognized me instantly, saw through the glamour. She was hesitant, and rightly so.

“Y-you’re dead. I just read the funeral notice…the obituary.”
“Did you really think death would keep me from you? I’ve done my duty, now I can be with you.”
“But how? You died Gunther. You ceased to live. On top of that, you had grey hair! You had wrinkles. You look the same age as when-as when I left our son with you.”
“It’s me though. I promise. The fairies brought me back, to be with you. I guess you can say our love is written in fairy dust now.”

She was scared to touch me at first. But I promised that she wouldn’t fall through me, or break me.

We stood in the lobby and I held her in my arms for a long time. She felt just as I remembered, though, she did look different. But still as beautiful as when I first saw her. Her aura had changed from unsure and turbulent, to raw power but still turbulent. As I held her in my arms, I could feel the darkness choking her light. It was then that I realized just what the fairies were talking about. Here she was, a darker version of my Guinevere. I could see glimpses of her in her smile, I could hear it in her voice…in the way she said my name. If this was who she had become, I didn’t care. I loved her all the same. It wasn’t until later that I saw firsthand the extent of the darkness.

She made a large plate of grilled cheese as we caught up. I told her about you, I told her about your accomplishments and about your personality. I told her about Bella and just how perfect she balanced you. I didn’t tell her about Cassandra, I wanted to leave that for you. I didn’t tell her that my will told you to seek her out, I wanted that to be a surprise for her. I never told her about your curiosity and wonder about her, I wanted you to tell her. I wanted you to know your wonderful mother, because even before I died…I knew she would need you.
She told me about the first time she saw you. You were thirteen years old and fishing. It was your birthday, and she said hi to you in passing. She told me about her turmoil, her isolation. She told me about her move from public eye to hide herself. Then she told me about her modeling career under an alias, all under the suggestion of a friend. I remembered those photos, it was before I fully remembered her. But I’m sure those photos were what jump-started my memories. Her eyes were unmistakable, and those killer curves-”
“Dad. I don-I don’t want to hear about that.”
“Sorry. Anyway, I ate her horrible grilled cheese and listened to her life. I could tell she was keeping things from me, but that would all come later.

After that, she took me down to her round table. It was there that I asked three things of her.

“Now that I’m here…for good. I need to ask some things.”
“Go ahead.”
“One. No one knows I’m here. No one knows I’m alive. I would like to keep it that way for a while. I want to be explicitly yours until we’re ready to try to explain this.”
“That’s fair. I don’t want to share you just yet anyway. We have thirty-four years to catch up on.” She winked, and gripped onto the collar of my shirt.
“Two. I want to be turned. Tonight. I’ve waited too long for this.”
“Are you sure? It’s deadly permanent. Life changing even.” I chuckled, despite her darkness she had a sense of humor. I nod and prepare myself to ask the third question.
“I’m sure. Which brings me to question three. Marry me? I want to be yours for eternity.”
“How can I say no to such a romantic proposal.” The sarcasm was thick and oozing.
“What can I say, you bring the romantic out in me.” I kissed her cheek, and let my lips linger.
“Oh shut up and let me drain you.”

We married the night she came home from meeting Bella and Cassandra. She was so upset about seeing my grave, she was so torn about keeping me from you. That visit, she told me, made her realize how lucky she was to have a second chance. So, she married us. She wrote up the marriage license, stamped it, and Roxanne was our witness. We all signed it, and she filed it away for later. I gave her my mother’s pearls, and an heirloom alexandrite ring to signify our union, and she gave me an embossed band. We were now man and wife, like it should have been so long ago.”

But, of course, like all fairy tales there would be one conflict after another until there could be a happy ending. We still had the darkness to deal with and it wasn’t going to let her go.
The darkness made her kill a man in her anger. Even though this man was evil, my Gwen was still in there and she felt regret and sadness. But during all of this, she managed to find out information.

“If you won’t tell me how to cure it, at least tell me how it started.” I can feel the darkness trying to take over once more, but I hold it back…If I can hold it back just a little longer…
“You’re how old and you don’t know this story? Though, I guess daddy dearest didn’t feel a need to tell you.” He’s trying to break me. If he wants to die so badly, let me take over. He wants to see mercy? Give him the ultimate mercy. I ignore the darkness.
“Enlighten me.”
“No. If I don’t tell you, you’ll keep me alive. Because I’m the only one that knows this story.”
“You’re lying. I’m sure there’s records of it, or I’ll go ask your children.” Fear flashes in his eyes at the mention of his children.
“All I’m going to say is if you thought this feud started with me, you’re mistaken. This bad blood goes beyond me, and I’m sure she’s smiling down at her handiwork. Because I sure would be. The good and just queen…a slave to the worst part of her. How’s that for justice?”

“Right on time.” The hooded figure speaks as he materializes a tablet. What did he mean, right on time?
“You mean…this was supposed to happen?” He doesn’t look up from the screen.
“Sorry Guinevere. It was always going to end up like this.”
“Gunther was trying to stop this, yes.” He looks up and right at me. I don’t see his eyes or even his face, but I know he’s angry. “Those meddling fairies took one soul away from me, as if I would allow another to be taken. I deeply am sorry you had to be the one to do it. You have a good heart.” A question pops into my head, and I feel the need to ask before he leaves.
“If you know every death in the future, can you…tell me if I die soon?”
“No.” Is all he says. No what?
“No…I don’t die? Or no because you can’t tell me?”
“Yes.” I can tell he was finding this amusing by the tone of his voice.
“You’re so helpful.” I turn on my heel and leave, but before I reach the door Death speaks my name.
“Guinevere. I can’t tell you of your own death, but I can tell you I don’t reap Gunther for a very long while. Your child will not be an orphan if that’s any solace.” I sniffle and nod in thanks. I leave the room and lean against the wall. My legs finally give way as my mind replays what just happened. I’m a fucking monster.

She found out three things that night: One, it was indeed a curse. Two, it started a long time ago. And three, your sister and I would live. That night she vowed to break the curse. We studied and researched, and finally we found something in the midst of rumors and the sea of dead-ends. We found the story of the curse, and a possible cure.

Vladislaus the First made a powerful enemy the night he cured the vampire witch Alba Van Gould. Although she had lost her immortality, she ensured to place a powerful curse upon the Straud family: To reflect their inner anger outward, to be consumed by it until they are no more — but only if they cure vampires of their vampirism. It’s believed that this curse is the story behind the stigma of curing vampires, and that the punishment is used as a very last resort.

The author of the book seemed very knowledgeable about the curse, so naturally we sought him out. This man, to our surprise, was a werewolf. He was the same werewolf that had killed her great-grandparents in the last werewolf and vampire war. He had been tasked with finding the descendants of his victims to apologize. Alba Van Gould was one of them. He listened to her story and wrote it down thousands of years later as a precaution. However, he didn’t write down the cure but he remembered it. He told us the cure was curing herself of her vampirism. Your mother was distraught, broken, and depressed. And I admit, I was frightened and worried. What would happen to her?

After Imogene was born, she went through with the curing process. She wanted so much to tell you everything, we wanted to tell you about me a lot sooner. About the curse, and the cure. But she wan-she wanted to make sure she came out of this so she could tell you herself.”
“Dad…? Is sh-” Mortimer’s face paled, his eyes grew watery.
“She’s alive.” He exhaled the breath he was holding. I closed my eyes, thinking about all the things that had happened. “Her body is healing. She had a baby last month, lost her vampirism a couple weeks ago, and was freshly turned earlier this week. There’s no way I could let her out of bed.” A sigh of relief was all I heard from Mortimer.
“W-sorry…what would you have done if-?” He didn’t finish the sentence, and I silently thanked him for that.
“No idea to be honest. I’d be lost without her, and I’d mourn for the rest of my eternal life. Our love is written in fairy dust after all.”

AN: Finally the end. I didn’t have pictures for the last few paragraphs because they hadn’t been played through. And I’m sorry if it feels rushed near the end…I was just going to have this chapter be the reveal to Mortimer, but noooo my save had to corrupt last month. Which is why I mashed it with what would have been the next chapter and ended it here. I tried so hard to salvage it but I couldn’t.


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  1. cathytea says:

    I’m so glad you finished this ! It really is a rich and rewarding plot ! Thank you !


  2. I’m sorry to hear your game corrupted! Glad you were able to finish this though, I’ve enjoyed reading it!


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