Act I

The Beginning of Guinevere Straud.

Chapter One: Dusk
Chapter Two: Twilight
Chapter Three: Dawn
Chapter Four: The League
Chapter Five: Fate
Chapter Six: Unnamed
Chapter Seven: Blessings
Chapter Eight: Sam
Chapter Nine: Out of the Coffin
Chapter Ten: Named
Chapter Eleven: A Foundation
Chapter Twelve: A Proposal
Chapter Thirteen: Interview with a Vampire
Chapter Fourteen: Le Fay’s
Chapter Fifteen: Embrace
Chapter Sixteen: Surprise!
Chapter Seventeen: Progress
Chapter Eighteen: 3100
Chapter Nineteen: Karaoke
Chapter Twenty: Four Letter Words
Chapter Twenty-One: The Truth
Chapter Twenty-Two: An Heir
Chapter Twenty-Three: Changes
Chapter Twenty-Four: Kept Promises
Chapter Twenty-Five: Checkmate
Chapter Twenty-Six: Sweet Sacrifice
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Advice
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Yuki
Chapter Twenty-Nine: No Mercy
Chapter Thirty: Judge, Jury, Executioner
Chapter Thirty-One: News
Chapter Thirty-Two: Freedom
Chapter Thirty-Three: A Gift
Chapter Thirty-Four: Her King
Chapter Thirty-Five: A New Member
Chapter Thirty-Six: The Plan
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Diego
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Midnight Delivery
Chapter Thirty-Nine: Gunther
Chapter Forty: Guinevere